Friday, October 05, 2007

Sibling Competition?

So, Joshua is fully potty-trained. And we have seen the benefits in many areas! (Of course, I am still doing ~20 loads of laundry a week till we can fix those "accidents.") But the benefits are WONDERFUL! Let me share one...

Saraina wakes up from her nap this afternoon. I go in to find her diaper half off and Franklin the turtle where the rest of her diaper should be. (Moms out there, do you know the anxiety I was experiencing in that moment?!) THANKFULLY, she didn't do the poopy she kept saying she needed to do.

We make a mad dash for the bathroom but she wasn't ready. When we get downstairs and she hears Joshua doing his business on the potty she screams she's gotta go! Well, she already started in her diaper and I tell her to finish but she INSISTS on doing it in the potty.

Reluctantly, I clean her up just to sit her on the potty and guess what... SHE GOES!!!

A little competition is good, I guess.

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Jenny said...

It's wonderful how Saraina loves her brother so much!