Tuesday, October 02, 2007


My bubble has been popped. And I'm expecting the Lord to pop some others as they rise to my vision and He brings conviction.

What a good place to be!

The other day I was reminded that this place, Earth / Illinois / our house, is NOT my home. Yes, Heaven is the home of the believer. That truth popped my bubble.

What, you ask, was my bubble? My little world was my bubble. And let's face it, it still is. This is something I must continue to fight.

I find it so easy to just stay in my little world, doing my little thing, being comfortable in my little space, being safe, being self-focused. The problem with that is it breeds pride, self-righteousness, a lack of compassion, anger, selfishness, and more. All "fruit" that takes me away from the Savior.

Okay, so is it always bad to be in my little bubble? In my bubble I have my QTs on time and all the time, I tell myself it's all about "my season" and that I deserve a little solitude, I begin to believe that my role as Mommy or Wife provide me with some sort of "free from sharing the Gospel" card.

"Pop" goes my bubble. My life is not my own.

The other day the house across the street (yes, the firecracker / Avon house) had some domestic disputes going on. Let's face it, when your neighbors are fighting, you know! Well, it was just after bedtime and so the shades and curtains were all closed. My bubble was warm and comfortable. Enter the effects of my sinful, selfish, "everything-revolves-around-me" bubble - I was beginning to bear some "bad fruit" as I was getting annoyed by the volume and how that might wake our sleeping babes since the "party" moved outside.

Okay, what to do? I was getting more and more concerned. The Holy Spirit was softening my heart. I was peeking out the window more and straining to hear what was going on. I figured out it was a "lovers quarrel" between two women, both of whom I've had some interaction with. William couldn't be the one to go there. They don't seem to care for men too much.

Finally, I cried out to God, "Lord, help them! Help me know what to do?" I knew, as William voiced, "If we call the cops they'll know it was us." I threw down my dish towel and said, "I have to go out there!"
Now who is there to harm you if you are zealous for what is good? (1 Peter 3:13)

In my pajama pants in the dark in my flipflops, I walked out our front door across the street and spoke, trusting God to give me words. I don't think I said much other than, "Is everything alright?" and then after hearing NO it wasn't, "How can I help?" followed by, "Well, we're just here across the street if you need anything."

They didn't take me up on my invitation. And praise God for that! I don't know if my faith was strong enough to handle what might have happened! But I needed to bust my safe-bubble and communicate the love of God and my utter trust and dependence in God by simply extending the invitation. I needed them to know that IF and WHEN they need help, our door will be opened to them.
And, of course, as I type this they are outside. Perhaps I'll muster up a bit of courage and walk over and engage them. Urgh... the thought alone brings out my sinful tendencies. Someone reading this will have to ask me if I actually did go out and be "neighborly."


the merrills said...

I praise God for your caring heart Kia! The song you have playing on your blog (You Never Let Go) is so appropriate for this entry. As I was almost done reading, the song was at the part "I will fear no evil, for my God is with me and if my God is with me, who then shall I fear?" Just like it says, He never lets go!!!

Love you guys!

andrea_jennine said...

What an encounter! Thanks for setting such an example of faithfulness in reaching out to your neighbors!