Thursday, October 25, 2007

Another Update on Everyone

Us Whits are having fun. Here are some pics to share and an update on how we're doing...

William - New job is going well. Looks like this will be the last switcheroo for the year, Lord-willing! Pray no sickness comes our way as we'll be without health insurance for the month of November. The Papa-man is still working in and around and outside our home. His new work schedule has called for a few changes in regard to schedules so we're still trying to navigate our way through that.

In this picture he's working on the yard and driveway.

Me - I share too much on me already!

Joshua - Talk about CHANGE everywhere! Our Little Man keeps getting bigger and the things he remembers / understands shock me! Just this morning I said, "Joshua, you want to play dominoes with me?" to which he replied, "No, Mommy, I want to read the Bible!" Oooo, talk about storing up in my heart these moments!!!! Then, Ihe sat on the couch and "read" the pictures. Every so often he get my attention and say, "Mommy, Pilate." and point to the right picture! Coincidence? Then I'd say, "Did Pilate believe in God? What did he do?" Our not-yet 3-year old's answer: "No, he no believe in God. Pilate hurt Jesus!"

It's also amazing at how quickly he (and his sissy) have picked up on their letters, letter sounds, and even words that start with them! I'm stunned. Teaching Kindergarten and 2nd grade was never this easy. We borrowed this DVD from a friend for about a week and they (and I) were HOOKED! I highly recommend it!

Here is our guy with his favorite short-sleeved shirt (Cubs).

In other Joshua news, we got bunk beds so he's loving his new bottom spot and looking forward to the day when Kadin can chill underneath him.

Here is Joshua biking hard with his favorite long-sleeved shirt (Clifford).

Saraina - Our Ladybug has a big birthday celebration coming up. We're having fam over (Granny from NJ, Grandad and Grammy from "down state", and Uncle Freeman and Aunt Jenny from the city) this Sunday and are looking forward to it. Sissy LOVES letters, puzzles, singing, and dancing. She continues to speak VERY well and will greet others quicker than Joshua will.

To the left is our girl holding her Pop-pop's hand. My dad came out for a brief but sweet visit. The kiddos loved the attention!

She is still a snuggle-bug and wants to get a hug or sit in our lap at random times. I know that this season of her wanting to be held by me is going to fly by so I'm happy to squeeze and hold her little petite body close. Her biggest request though is for someone else to sing to her random songs over and over and over!
Pictured here is Saraina asleep in OUR bed after a long night of tossing, turning, nose-running, and being congested.

Oh- and since Joshua moved to the bottom of the bunks, Saraina has her own big girl bed! I saw the most adorable quilt with a lady bug on it on Craigslist but I didn't get it. So bummed! It would've been perfect!

Here is our girl the other day when she should've been napping. Instead she stripped herself and said she needed to go potty, and threw her dirty clothes in her drawer.

Kadin - Little Chunk had his 9 month visit on my bday and it was a great check up. The little guy bulked up. He's up to (2 weeks ago now) 18.12 pounds and is a shorty at 27 inches tall. He's still nursing but does have 3 teeth now with another one just peeking through.

Kadin is hilarious! He's cruising (for a bruisin') all over the house, pulling himself up on everything, and grabbing whatever he can (mainly chunks of Saraina's hair)! His grin is wide and expressive and his appetite is just as animated. Little chunk can pack it away. He can't get enough of finger foods (chicken nuggets, bread, hot dogs, french fries) but that's where the Mama comes in. He would eat ALL junk if he was able.

Here's my dad (looking way too young!) with the kiddos.

So, that's how we are!


chad from maryland said...

We're looking forward to having you guys come and hang out! Just a little more than a month!

Renee said...

They are all so big!! Looks like you are all having a lot of fun. Can't wait to see you all next.