Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Whitney Update - The Kiddos

Hey folks,

This was written a while ago but just as I was going to post it, our computer wigged out and we came face to face with the "Blue Screen of Death." Needless to say, we're just getting back online after a dear friend and fellow care groupie gave us an extra CPU he had. (Praise God!)

We've passed the SIX MONTHS marker (September 1st)! How time is flying by! Well, we're hoping the next six months of our lives will be a bit less active... but it's looking like that won't be happening for a bit.

Here's a quick update for you all...

~ William is thinking about beginning his own lawn care business. (That, too, is a joke!) He is no longer getting whipped by the weeds and grass and trees. He's doing just what God intended and is breaking the land and fruit is a comin'. He is looking forward to the last day of having to cut, rake and bag. But then he'll have to focus on shoveling - and we got a lot to shovel!

~ Kadin started crawling at ~6.5 months and is now really crawling EVERYWHERE. He can even pull himself up to standing and is beginning to "cruise." Little dude is tough and STRONG. We're thinking about calling him Heman. Thoughts? Does that fit him? Oh- and he got 2 blades, um... I mean teeth in August as well. And in case you haven't heard, his earwax is quite stinky. Who knew earwax could smell so bad. I thought it was an ear infection but the doctor assured me it's just a foul odor. I guess that's good?!?! He continues to be such a "good baby" (that term kinda annoys me though We were out ALL day on Saturday and little dude was absolutely pleasant! His eyes light up when he smiles and he does that weird wrist thing like Joshua did when he was little. Oh- I love it! Even when I have to get up in the middle of the night multiple times, it is worth it because he is worth it! And I sure see how quick these days go. I don't want to forget how precious it is holding him. Oh- and I decided to give him a haircut! I'll have to post pics later!

Saraina got her first (and possibly last!) "trim" from Mommy. Look, if you didn't know, I hate hair. While I think her hair is beautiful and fits her, it is work to maintain. And I don't like it. So I called myself trimming her hair a couple of weeks ago. There was no rhyme or reason to my strategy but it doesn't look horrible. In fact, it is a bit easier to manage now. Aside from that she is my "strong-willed" child. The girl is terribly defiant and stubborn. But she WILL be broken! Yes, out of love she WILL learn to obey right away, all the way, and with a happy heart! (You can contribute to the Kia-needs-Tylenol Fund at any point.) All that said, I adore my little ladybug! Those dark, piercing eyes along with her beautifully expressive smile bring this mama MUCH joy, especially when she says, "I sorry Mama. Pease forgive me!" I think I understand a bit more how the Lord must feel when we come to Him, confessing and asking for forgiveness.

(No picture of Saraina b/c we're still having to transfer files to this computer.)

Finally, our Little Man Joshua no longer likes to be called "Little Man." He likes being called "Big Boy" instead. He continues being a good big brother but has shown his deceptive side. Oh yes. The boy loves to pick up an undesireable toy and say, "Here Sissy!" as he swipes the toy she HAD which was very desireable. He's great at puzzles, adores fire engines and trains, and remains very neat and concerned about cleanliness. And he is just about fully potty-trained. (More about that in another post.) What I mean is he is not wearing any diapers anymore. Can I get an AMEN?! That's a savings of around $35 a month.

As far as things go with me, let's just say I know all about bodily functions! Between accidentily putting poop in the dryer (too disgusting to even explain here!), constantly changing sheets, mopping up "accidents", and yelling at a boy who decided to expose himself to us as he peed on our grass facing our living room window, I can say life is far from dull!

More later,


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