Friday, September 07, 2007

My Personal Retreat

So I had my mini Personal Retreat a few Saturday's ago. It was SO good to actually have time to pray and consider what God has called me to in my current season.

My time was broken up into different chunks so I was able to enjoy my family at the same time. I got up early and went into a different room instead of leaving the house and was affected by the sweet sounds of laughter, crying, jumping, and disciplining going on just steps away as William cared for the kiddos.

Okay, my retreat take-aways are below. If you have some thoughts regarding them (like other ideas for me to consider), please share them.

My Priorities:

1- GOD – My Spiritual Walk
2- WDW – My Marriage (My Main Role)
3- KIDDOS – My Parenting
4- FELLOW BELIEVERS – My Fellowship (Friends and Family)
5- NON-BELIEVERS – My Evangelizing Unbelievers (Friends and Family)
6- THE HOME – My Work (Home Management)

I decided to take one priority to focus on per day. All that means is I have a 5x7 index card for each day of the week with relevant Scriptures that go with the priority/ focus of the day.

Here's an example:

FRIDAY (Focus: My Work)

~Ecclesiates 2:24-25

~Ephesians 5:15-17

~ Colossians 3:23-24

Every morning I put the 5x7 card in my kitchen on a corkboard. Surprisingly I DO look at it! I'll have to see how it's working in another month or so.

Another change I made was to simplify my grocery list. I had this really complicated one that listed everything I could ever want or hope to purchase which simply required me to simply CIRCLE that which I needed. Problem is, with kids in the store, my eyes would go crazy and I would forget things too often. Or maybe it's a sign that I'll be needing glasses sooner rather than later? hmmm... Anyway, this new system seems to be helping a bit more. The problem I'm still having is needing to go to MULTIPLE places to get everything. Between diapers at Costco, babyfood at Meijer and Aldi for those el-cheapo things, it is a PAIN. (Judi, can you believe I'd ever NOT like going to the grocery store?!)

Now, the changes I made with the kiddos aren't too big.

Morning Circle Time. Go HERE to read how some savy people do it. While you're there, check out her site for awhile. It's chock-full of good ideas! Here's our simple version:

~ Go over the Whitney-modified Small Children's Catechism. (We're currently learning #3 of 50.)

~ Review their Memory verses (Colossians 3:20 and Philippians 2:14)

~ Worship time (We sing This Little Light of Mine, Sunshine Mountain, and the Gospel Song.

~ Prayer time

I'm planning on adding a picture of the person/s we're praying for so the kids can have a visual.

The struggle I'm having with Circle Time is finding the right time to do it. I want to do it first thing in the morning but it is hard getting everyone dressed, having to nurse Kadin, make breakfast, and feed everyone before putting Kadin down again for a nap. Hmmm...

The last change I made has to do with the kids helping more. Dinner time is still tough but I'm making it more mangeable by having the kids set the table with their kid things. I moved all the kid bowls, cups, utensils into the dining room so all they have to do is get their plate, fork, and sit down. This is an area that requires a lot more training on my part so it's not how it should be yet. But there is HOPE!!!

If you've got some neat-o ideas to share, bring them on! Who can't use a good idea!?

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