Thursday, August 09, 2007

William David Whitney


You love acrostics so here's one for you on your 32nd birthday / 7th spiritual birth day, August 9th, 2007. And, once again, sorry for always giving you your presents early. But, hey! It's kinda like a tradition now!



W - Worships freely

I - Interested in bizarre things

L - Laughs often

L - Loves being hubby and daddy

I - Is not a fan of vegetables

A - Asks rhetorical questions often

M - Manages our finances filled with hope

D - Drinks his coffee strong

A - Adores anything with sugar

V - Very sluggish early in the morning

I - Independently can make a group laugh by dancing

D - Dreams of having six kiddos

W - Wins wifey's heart over and over again

H - Has an affinity for donuts

I - Is often confused and thinks he is black

T - Tries anything once - much to wifey's dismay

N - Never goes a day without spending time with the Lord

E - Enjoys eating large portions with wifey

Y - Yearns to be free from sin and lives with that precious hope in mind!

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