Thursday, August 09, 2007

So Much Going On

Here's an update from us in Whitneyland. It's been a while since I've posted sooooooo...

- Got our new windows. Slightly bittersweet. Long story but there are a few issues that need to be addressed. But, that said, they look great and feel WONDERFUL!!!! Or... ummm... the breeze we feel from being able to open them is WONDERFUL! Talk about not taking for granted the simple blessing of feeling the wind...

- Little cousin Celeste turned 6 years old on Monday. Happy B-day, Celeste! Hope your special day was filled with blessings upon blessings. She was such a wee little infant when she was born and unless things have changed drastically in 5.5 months, she's probably still long and lean. I can't believe I was able to watch you come into the world! That's gotta be up there for me as one of the most precious gifts the Lord has given me.

- Aunt Brenda's Bday was on the 7th. The kiddos have been enjoying those raincoats, Aunt Brenda (although you're probably not reading this since you're still not sure how to get online!). You remain one of the most generous people I know! Happy B-day!

- William's B-day is today! Happy 32nd, Hubby! We're baking a dark chocolate cake right now as I write this. And Giordano's pizza will be served up tonight! Everyone wins!

- William started his new job on Monday. In case you're out of the loop, he's back in the property management field and has been very pleased so far with this new company. Integrity does count for a lot. And it looks like we'll finally have real, full health insurance beginning in October as a result! Can't wait as we are all due to take a trip to the dentist!!!

- Joshua update: he is such a big boy and a helper. Seriously, I can give him pretty complicated directions and he can figure out what I'm talking about. It sure makes it easier when I need diaper rash cream in another room or Sissy needs socks and we're downstairs. He's talking A LOT and is still not wanting to "put the poopies in the potty" but he loves his big boy underwear. Oh- and he's also still doing those odd things like putting on long-sleeved pajamas in the middle of the night and only wanting to wear swim trunks. He takes after his Papa!

- Saraina update: she enjoys taking off her poopy diapers at nap time and putting them on her pillow. Of course, it wouldn't special if she didn't proceed to jump with Joshua on his bed - naked bum and all. The girl is wild! But what is so very precious to see is just how much she ADORES her brothers, especially Joshua. Before she heads upstairs for her morning nap she stares at him and says, "Bye, bye Joshua." It's so sweet! The other day she decided to get into Joshua's big boy bed and take her nap there. (Joshua was downstairs as he doesn't take a morning nap.) I so wish I had the camera seeing her sleeping so peacefully on his pillow. Looks like we may have to get her a big girl bed sooner than we anticipated!

- K-K update: Mr. Suave Kadin is just about the same - adorable, always smiling or laughing, and real close to crawling. Little K-K can get around way more than his big sibs did when they were his age. He is so strong! Eating is going well. His preference would be for the veggies opposed to the fruit. He acts like the fruit is too sour for him. And his pincer grasp is getting better. He can grab those little puffs but doesn't always aim well at getting them IN his mouth. He remains a "good baby," kissable and loves laughing when he gets his diaper changed, esp. if it's a poopy! I'm not sure what he thinks is funny but it makes us laugh too!

That's probably enough for an update! I trust you fam and friends out there are living in the good of the Gospel. Hope to see some of you soon!

~kia (on behalf of all of us)
P.S. Picture notes:
1 - new window in kitchen
2 - Joshua eating a Krispy Kreme donut
3 - Saraina after too much sugar from her Krispy Kreme donut
4 - Kadin not needing any sugar, other than from his Grammy
5 - the kids playing in their "fort" or "gate-house" since it's too hot for Mama to go outside

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