Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Anyone LOVE or HIGHLY recommend their fridge?

We are going to be getting one (any day... William wants to get one today!) before ours goes out of commission.

I'd love to hear what kind you have, why you like it so much and a good price (in your eyes) for it.

And for those who read this and won't reply (probably everyone out there!) please pray we make a wise selection. I really dislike this kind of stuff. Never seem to buy "a good one."



Jenny said...

I don't know if our specific model is special, but I have appreciated GEs service people being respectful/prompt/efficient/fair when coming in to take care of our appliances.

Waitsfam said...

I have a subscription to Consumer Reports Online. I'd be glad to send you the names of their recommended/reliable refrigerators. Let me know if you'd like that, or if you've already bought one. :)