Friday, August 10, 2007

"No More Diaper!"

That was what I heard upon turning off the shower this afternoon.

Joshua was screaming in his room through tears, "No more diaper!" Saraina was knocked out asleep on her bed. I asked Joshua what he wanted to wear instead and he simply replied, "Wear underwear. No more diaper."

You see, we borrowed this potty DVD from the library and a bunch of potty training type books for me to read to them. This morning I read the girl and then the boy version of "Potty Time." Saraina and Joshua loved that they each had their own copy.

So what did I do when I heard him say he didn't want to wear a diaper anymore? Well, inside I cringed at the thought of having to washing sheets this afternoon before bedtime (we haven't built up our twin sheet supply yet) but I said, "Well, okay! Do you need to go potty?" And off he went to do pees pees in the potty. Then he put his Elmo undies on along with his shorts (he insisted on wearing his shorts) and got in his big boy bed.

They are napping now. We will see if I have a yucky mess on my hands as naptime is generally "wake up with poopy diaper time."

But I am excited at what this may mean... only TWO in diapers! Oh no! Wait! I won't be able to leave the house! How do I take him to a public bathroom with the other kiddos? I don't even go in public restrooms unless I MUST. Hmmm...

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