Tuesday, August 14, 2007

More Pictures of Our Summer

Summer has been hot around here. We like it hot! Here are a few pictures showing you what we like to do around these parts. Here's Kadin chillin' in the stroller watching us in the water. Mama did stick his feet in the cold water and it took his breath away!

Saraina got enough courage to go down the slide right after Daddy said it was time to go inside and get ready for dinner.

And here's Saraina on the verge of tears.

Mama helped us make bean letters. I made a J for Joshua and Saraina made a S for Sissy. Sissy did good in that she only tried to eat the glue once or twice!

Here's what tempts Mama to anger. We probably had at least 15 of these things drive down the street yesterday afternoon. They always seem extra loud during naptime...

And Mama gave us some dry lima beans to play with in the office as she was doing the laundry. We love playing with beans and do very well at cleaning them up when we're all done. She got us some red kidney beans and some black beans to play with for another time. I can't wait!!!!

Saraina's very serious about pouring her beans onto plates.
This day Mama was really grossed out by how dirty the water was. Daddy simply said, "It's a little muddy" and that "Mama's a little too concerned with being clean." We sure didn't seem to mind!

And one of my fave things to do is to put the water into the pool! Daddy lets me 'cause I'm a big, strong boy!

Thanks for reading, ~JCW

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