Thursday, August 16, 2007

Joshua (warning: a bit graphic!)

Thought I'd share an update on our oldest child with you this fine day of August...

* Joshua has decided he only wants to STAND while "going" which has me cleaning (or not cleaning!) messes a little too often. I think I'm beginning to think urine is the name of the fragrance in our home. Aside from the "standing room only" syndrome, Joshua's also been suffering from the "I forgot I had to go" condition. Puddles of pee have been everywhere and it has been very difficult trying to maintain "stashes" of clean up materials and extra shorts, undies, and socks. (Oh- and we currently don't have a dryer hooked up so pray he doesn't have an accident today or tomorrow since I won't be able to dry his sheets!)

* Daddy and Joshua continue to enjoy being manly together and going into public bathrooms. Joshua did well and actually went potty while we were at Costco the other day.

* My friend in MD mentioned her kids love Spiderman. Well, Joshua might need to chill with them because he decided to scale the WINDOW at bedtime the other night. Yep. I went upstairs to "administer the rod" and found Mr. Potty Man hanging from one of the windows in his room! I left their window opened from the top about 4 inches or so and he was holding his body up from that section. His feet were on the top of the bottom part of the window. (Confusing, I know!) You can imagine my heart pounding and my mind racing. Another memory for the books...

* Today at Meijer I purposely rushed through because I was terrified he'd have to "go" while we were shopping. (I still have yet to figure out how to make three kids and one Mama in a stall work.) Well, as soon as I loaded up the car with the groceries Joshua informs me that he needs to go potty. WHAT!? I look at the store. It looks so far away. I can't do it! So with Kadin on my back still (Here's my favorite baby carrier in the world!) and Saraina standing in the van after eating too many raisins I tell Joshua he's going in the parking lot. I think to myself, "Gross, it's going to get everywhere!" Enter the Holy Spirit. "Kia, grab that snack container!" So as Joshua is standing there "hanging out" I tell him NOT to go and I grab and empty the pretzel container and help him "make water." He was definitely a bit weirded out. But I figure I'm going to freak him out a lot so he may as well get used to it now! Hmmm... so do I wash and re-use the container...

* So I am a bit confused ad to what to do regarding how to get Joshua to do his "big business" on the potty. He has no problem going #1 but will not go #2. In fact, he will come up to me and ASK for a diaper which is my cue that he's in need of a bowel movement. We are finally saving $$ on diapers but even putting on him just so I can take it off in 15 minutes is challenging! Help! Anyone know any ideas???? And how do you teach a kid to wipe. Yuck! Do I have to potty train my kids?

* Joshua's still in need of a recipe for almond butter. Got one? Let me know 'cause this is what ole boy (and girl!) are served up on their PBJ:

thanks for reading!

~mama whitney

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