Saturday, August 11, 2007

Diaper-less Days

In case you are wondering how yesterday turned out with Joshua determining not to wear diapers anymore (go HERE if you missed that entry), it went pretty okay!

He woke up from his nap dry and ready to go potty. Oh- and he doesn't want any help in the bathroom. No prob, kiddo! I am all for you going alone! Who WANTS to help someone "wipe?"

At bedtime, however, we had an interesting turn of events. He asked for a diaper! While I secretly was thankful, I knew it was because he had not put any "poops in the pot." So on goes the diapaer and not 20 minutes later I heard him at his door, alerting us to his dirty diaper. As I changed his diaper he insisted on wearing underwear to bed. Final score at bedtime: 1 poopy, 2 wet undies, and Mama convincing him to wear a diaper till morning.

This brings us to day 2.

All has been going well. But we are still waiting for the poopies in the potty! In fact he even went potty at Meijer grocery store!!!! Thankfully William was with us so I stayed with Saraina and Kadin while Daddy and Joshua embarked on something new together.

What did Daddy learn from this experience?

Joshua still has some "growing" to do to make the standing up thing work!

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