Tuesday, August 28, 2007

3 out of 5

"Three out of five pregnant black women will abort their child."

Does that grieve you?

I apologize if you believe I am being too "political" or whatever but I read that stat (and knowing black women who have made that most regretful decision) and my heart is aching.

Since 1973 over 13 MILLION black babies have been killed and their moms victimized.

I've always been uneasy when it came to abortion. Before giving my life to the Lord in 1997 I bought into that lie that "women should have a choice" and called myself pro-choice yet I would always say I wouldn't have an abortion. Talk about it only being the grace of God that prevented me from having to make that choice.

And I must do this. The picture below helps us see just how REAL these babies are...

That's a picture of a 9-week old fetus that was aborted!

Now the real reason for this post is to ask you to pray for us. I'm speaking tonight at the City Council meeting against deceptive Planned Parenthood. It looks like the Council can do nothing but my hope is not in City Council or the Mayor (who claims he knew nothing about Planned Parenthood being behind Gemini Corp. who obtained the permits). My hope alone is in the God of the Universe, who holds all things in His hand, who cares way more for the babies being aborted and the moms who are greatly affected than I ever could.

Pray I speak clearly and am effective in communicating why I believe a major, public investigation needs to take place regarding the Planned Parenthood facility here in Aurora. Pray that God would intervene and close down this building. Pray the truth about Planned Parenthood gets out. Pray that people hear would continue in the battle even if the doors of PP open (which is very likely). Pray that God would use this to turn more hearts to Him. Pray He alone gets the glory.

And if you are a supporter of Planned Parenthood but are against abortion, consider this: Planned Parenthood themselves say abortions "only" constitute 10% of their business. Well, that breaks down to 8 abortions per day. Yep, that means one an hour during a typical 8-hour business day. Disgusting but true.

In need of His grace,


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