Tuesday, August 28, 2007

3 out of 5

"Three out of five pregnant black women will abort their child."

Does that grieve you?

I apologize if you believe I am being too "political" or whatever but I read that stat (and knowing black women who have made that most regretful decision) and my heart is aching.

Since 1973 over 13 MILLION black babies have been killed and their moms victimized.

I've always been uneasy when it came to abortion. Before giving my life to the Lord in 1997 I bought into that lie that "women should have a choice" and called myself pro-choice yet I would always say I wouldn't have an abortion. Talk about it only being the grace of God that prevented me from having to make that choice.

And I must do this. The picture below helps us see just how REAL these babies are...

That's a picture of a 9-week old fetus that was aborted!

Now the real reason for this post is to ask you to pray for us. I'm speaking tonight at the City Council meeting against deceptive Planned Parenthood. It looks like the Council can do nothing but my hope is not in City Council or the Mayor (who claims he knew nothing about Planned Parenthood being behind Gemini Corp. who obtained the permits). My hope alone is in the God of the Universe, who holds all things in His hand, who cares way more for the babies being aborted and the moms who are greatly affected than I ever could.

Pray I speak clearly and am effective in communicating why I believe a major, public investigation needs to take place regarding the Planned Parenthood facility here in Aurora. Pray that God would intervene and close down this building. Pray the truth about Planned Parenthood gets out. Pray that people hear would continue in the battle even if the doors of PP open (which is very likely). Pray that God would use this to turn more hearts to Him. Pray He alone gets the glory.

And if you are a supporter of Planned Parenthood but are against abortion, consider this: Planned Parenthood themselves say abortions "only" constitute 10% of their business. Well, that breaks down to 8 abortions per day. Yep, that means one an hour during a typical 8-hour business day. Disgusting but true.

In need of His grace,


Saturday, August 25, 2007

Planned Parenthood

Yesterday William heard on the radio that Planned Parenthood was opening a new facility in our community. This new building is to be the largest Planned Parenthood (PP) in the country. The reason this is particularly disturbing is because PP used a bogus name to obtain the building permit. Talk about deceptive tactics!

So, William and I took part in a protest/rally this morning to say "Life, YES! Abortion, NO!" To sum it up, we strongly believe abortion is bad for kids, abortion is bad for women, and abortion is bad for communities.

We got there a little before it started and I was shocked at how emotional I got. There's a lot that shocked me about this event and a lot that really increased my desire to 1) have more kids and 2) adopt. I was amazed by the HATRED spewed by some people as they drove by (you know, giving us the finger and such). But, I was also greatly encouraged by how many people were honking in support, giving us thumbs up, and joining us. I've got other thoughts but this blog may not be the place to share them!

If you don't know much about Planned Parenthood, check out the article below from one of our local papers. It gives us a glimpse of what PP is REALLY about. We read this and we are SHOCKED! Did anyone else know this stuff????

Planned Parenthood's real goals
August 10, 2007
The "under-the table" entrance of Planned Parenthood into Aurora shouldn't really surprise anyone. Planned Parenthood is well-known for its use of propaganda and manipulation of the facts. Covert operations are natural accomplices to its covert agenda.

Founded in 1916 as America's first birth-control clinic by Margaret Sanger, as recently as their 1985 annual report Planned Parenthood stated they are "proud of our past, and planning for the future." That's pretty bold considering their eugenics origins and ongoing programs that purport to be "helping" poor women and nations to have control over their own bodies and populations.

During the 1930s, Sanger was open about her support of the Nazi plan for genetic engineering of the German population and the creation of a "super race." She wrote of the need for the extermination of "human weeds"; the "cessation of charity," which she said just prolongs the lives of those who burden society; the segregation of "morons, misfits, and the maladjusted"; and the sterilization of "genetically inferior races."

Planned Parenthood -- doesn't that have a nice ring to it? It sounds so enlightened, so responsible. One of their more popular slogans, "Every child a wanted child," really tugs at the heartstrings, doesn't it? Who wants a world where children are born to parents who don't really want them, and then grow up to be resented, perhaps even neglected and abused?

But what happens to the child who is unwanted? In Sanger's own words, published in Women and the New Race , she answers that question: "The most merciful thing that a large family does to one of its infant members is to kill it."

And here to help poor women? Sure they are -- right to the brink of extinction: "We do not want word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population," Sanger is quoted as saying in Woman's Body, Woman's Right: A Social History of Birth Control in America by Linda Gordon.

Then there's PP's promotion of "safe sex" education over the teaching of abstinence (because our youth are going to have sex anyway, so we may as well teach them how to do it safely). I find it extremely difficult to believe that Planned Parenthood cares anything about the welfare of our youth when in the summer of 1953 they stated their purpose and planned course of action on Page 10 of Planned Parenthood News as being:

" ... Ready as educators and parents to help young people obtain sex satisfaction before marriage. ... By sanctioning sex before marriage we will prevent fear and guilt. ... We must be ready to provide young boys and girls with the best contraceptive measures available so they will have the necessary means to achieve sexual satisfaction without having to risk possible pregnancy."

So, at one and the same time, Planned Parenthood wants to 1) promote sexual activity among boys and girls; and 2) provide birth control. It sounds like a business ploy to me, and one with something much more evil than just simple greed as its motivation.

One last thought from the founder of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger: "The marriage bed is the most degenerating influence in the social order." Such is the real basis and premise of Planned Parenthood, and by their own words they are proud of it, and in direct and unapologetic conflict with the Judeo-Christian value as the marriage bed being the cornerstone of a healthy society.

Don't let their pretty propaganda fool you; Planned Parenthood is not here to do anything other than further their own elitist goals, while lining their pocketbooks as much as possible in the meantime -- and all at the expense of American families.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Real Trials

I don't know about you but I am thoroughly sickened by how little attention the media is giving to the South Korean Christians who are being held hostage. Granted, we don't have access to cable so many of you may disagree with my take on the media's coverage. BUT, if we are now in the time when one must have CABLE just to gain access to what's going on in our world... urgh! Another reason to support Christian media outlets. What would I do without my Moody station!?

Anyway, I found this very helpful to inform my prayers. You can visit the site yourself by clicking HERE or you can read below. Oh, it's from Josh Harris's blog earlier this month. I've been meaning to post this for a while.

Peace, ~kia

By now, I think most of us are aware of the South Korean Christians being held hostage by the Taliban in Afghanistan. Today a friend in Afghanistan passed on some suggestions for prayer, so I post them here for anyone who wants to join this brother and Christians around the world in praying to our great God. He writes:

- Join our Korean brothers and sisters in asking that above all, God will be honored and glorified through what has already happened and all that will take place over the coming days. Ask for a revival in this land as well as in Korea. (Phil 1:18-21)

- Pray for strength, perseverance, and faith for those in captivity. Pray that their faith may not waver. Pray for boldness, joy, and patience. (Ephesians 3:14-20)

- Many, if not all, of those being held are suffering from health problems. Two of the young ladies are very sick and will likely die soon if they don't get medical treatment. Pray that God will heal them and sustain them. Those of you who have visited Afghanistan before know how easy it is to get sick even when you drink clean water and eat good food. Knowing that these brothers and sisters have likely not had clean drinking water at all and likely don't have much food or any medicine, I imagine most of them are suffering greatly.

- These hostages have unexpected access to a very dark group of people that have likely never been around true believers. I'm sure they are praying, singing, and worshiping as often as possible. Ask that their testimony will soften the hearts and touch the lives of their captors. May they know that there is something incredibly different about the people they are holding.

- Pray that the Holy Spirit will protect each captive's mind and spirit during this ordeal. As they are faced with day after day of fear, uncertainty, and death, pray that this won't have a lasting effect on their hearts and minds.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Joshua (warning: a bit graphic!)

Thought I'd share an update on our oldest child with you this fine day of August...

* Joshua has decided he only wants to STAND while "going" which has me cleaning (or not cleaning!) messes a little too often. I think I'm beginning to think urine is the name of the fragrance in our home. Aside from the "standing room only" syndrome, Joshua's also been suffering from the "I forgot I had to go" condition. Puddles of pee have been everywhere and it has been very difficult trying to maintain "stashes" of clean up materials and extra shorts, undies, and socks. (Oh- and we currently don't have a dryer hooked up so pray he doesn't have an accident today or tomorrow since I won't be able to dry his sheets!)

* Daddy and Joshua continue to enjoy being manly together and going into public bathrooms. Joshua did well and actually went potty while we were at Costco the other day.

* My friend in MD mentioned her kids love Spiderman. Well, Joshua might need to chill with them because he decided to scale the WINDOW at bedtime the other night. Yep. I went upstairs to "administer the rod" and found Mr. Potty Man hanging from one of the windows in his room! I left their window opened from the top about 4 inches or so and he was holding his body up from that section. His feet were on the top of the bottom part of the window. (Confusing, I know!) You can imagine my heart pounding and my mind racing. Another memory for the books...

* Today at Meijer I purposely rushed through because I was terrified he'd have to "go" while we were shopping. (I still have yet to figure out how to make three kids and one Mama in a stall work.) Well, as soon as I loaded up the car with the groceries Joshua informs me that he needs to go potty. WHAT!? I look at the store. It looks so far away. I can't do it! So with Kadin on my back still (Here's my favorite baby carrier in the world!) and Saraina standing in the van after eating too many raisins I tell Joshua he's going in the parking lot. I think to myself, "Gross, it's going to get everywhere!" Enter the Holy Spirit. "Kia, grab that snack container!" So as Joshua is standing there "hanging out" I tell him NOT to go and I grab and empty the pretzel container and help him "make water." He was definitely a bit weirded out. But I figure I'm going to freak him out a lot so he may as well get used to it now! Hmmm... so do I wash and re-use the container...

* So I am a bit confused ad to what to do regarding how to get Joshua to do his "big business" on the potty. He has no problem going #1 but will not go #2. In fact, he will come up to me and ASK for a diaper which is my cue that he's in need of a bowel movement. We are finally saving $$ on diapers but even putting on him just so I can take it off in 15 minutes is challenging! Help! Anyone know any ideas???? And how do you teach a kid to wipe. Yuck! Do I have to potty train my kids?

* Joshua's still in need of a recipe for almond butter. Got one? Let me know 'cause this is what ole boy (and girl!) are served up on their PBJ:

thanks for reading!

~mama whitney

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Anyone LOVE or HIGHLY recommend their fridge?

We are going to be getting one (any day... William wants to get one today!) before ours goes out of commission.

I'd love to hear what kind you have, why you like it so much and a good price (in your eyes) for it.

And for those who read this and won't reply (probably everyone out there!) please pray we make a wise selection. I really dislike this kind of stuff. Never seem to buy "a good one."


Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Nighttime Potty Break

Does this tell you something about our kiddos?

The other night Joshua insisted on wearing his underwear to bed. We conceded and explained that he'd have to get up to go to the potty if he had to "go" in the middle of the night. Well, we didn't expect to find this!

Yes, in the middle of the night William and I heard some noise. We go upstairs and find not only Joshua in the bathroom on the potty but BOTH Joshua and Saraina on the potty! My favorite thing was that Saraina actually bought a book to read while she tried to makes pee pees (although she kept her diaper on, thankfully!).

This potty training thing sure is tough. But, we have been laughing a lot!


More Pictures of Our Summer

Summer has been hot around here. We like it hot! Here are a few pictures showing you what we like to do around these parts. Here's Kadin chillin' in the stroller watching us in the water. Mama did stick his feet in the cold water and it took his breath away!

Saraina got enough courage to go down the slide right after Daddy said it was time to go inside and get ready for dinner.

And here's Saraina on the verge of tears.

Mama helped us make bean letters. I made a J for Joshua and Saraina made a S for Sissy. Sissy did good in that she only tried to eat the glue once or twice!

Here's what tempts Mama to anger. We probably had at least 15 of these things drive down the street yesterday afternoon. They always seem extra loud during naptime...

And Mama gave us some dry lima beans to play with in the office as she was doing the laundry. We love playing with beans and do very well at cleaning them up when we're all done. She got us some red kidney beans and some black beans to play with for another time. I can't wait!!!!

Saraina's very serious about pouring her beans onto plates.
This day Mama was really grossed out by how dirty the water was. Daddy simply said, "It's a little muddy" and that "Mama's a little too concerned with being clean." We sure didn't seem to mind!

And one of my fave things to do is to put the water into the pool! Daddy lets me 'cause I'm a big, strong boy!

Thanks for reading, ~JCW

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Diaper-less Days

In case you are wondering how yesterday turned out with Joshua determining not to wear diapers anymore (go HERE if you missed that entry), it went pretty okay!

He woke up from his nap dry and ready to go potty. Oh- and he doesn't want any help in the bathroom. No prob, kiddo! I am all for you going alone! Who WANTS to help someone "wipe?"

At bedtime, however, we had an interesting turn of events. He asked for a diaper! While I secretly was thankful, I knew it was because he had not put any "poops in the pot." So on goes the diapaer and not 20 minutes later I heard him at his door, alerting us to his dirty diaper. As I changed his diaper he insisted on wearing underwear to bed. Final score at bedtime: 1 poopy, 2 wet undies, and Mama convincing him to wear a diaper till morning.

This brings us to day 2.

All has been going well. But we are still waiting for the poopies in the potty! In fact he even went potty at Meijer grocery store!!!! Thankfully William was with us so I stayed with Saraina and Kadin while Daddy and Joshua embarked on something new together.

What did Daddy learn from this experience?

Joshua still has some "growing" to do to make the standing up thing work!

Friday, August 10, 2007

How our Culture Views Children

I just heard this on Breakpoint (the brief radio commentary from Chuck Colson). In case you're interested I thought I'd share it with you below. It may give you some insight as to why I get so sad when people make comments about how many kids we have or those who ask us if we're done yet. Yeah, there is sin involved on my part (mostly pride, self-righteousness) but when I look at my kiddos, I can't imagine our family without them. And for the record, I know I'll feel the same way with any other kiddos the Lord would choose to give us...

Anti-Natalism in America

Joan Blades describes herself as, among other things, a “nature lover” and a “mother.” She is also a co-founder of the liberal activist group MoveOn.org and a regular contributor to the liberal blog The Huffington Post.

In a recent post, Blades wrote about an article she read in her local paper. It described a group that supports the kind of measures Blades expected liberals like Huffington Post readers to support: health care for children, “fair wages,” and flexible work schedules for moms.

What Blades found surprising were some of the comments that came into the paper’s website. One person “reasoned” that if he has to pay $25 for a dog license, why should parents expect help when they “choose” to have kids. Another commenter simply wrote, “Can’t feed ’em, don’t breed ’em.”

Of course, this is the Internet we’re talking about. Still, Blades felt compelled to refute the erroneous assumption underlying those comments, that “choosing to have a child is purely an individual act” and not “a contribution to society as a whole.”

Their response to Blades’s response was—what else?—more of the same. A “chunk of the replies” objected “to contributing to the wellbeing of children” because they did not want to “reward or encourage” “indiscriminate breeders.”

To be fair, many of the replies were supportive of Blades’s views. Still, there were enough people using terms like breed and critters, terms normally associated with animals, to prompt Blades to write another article.
This anti-natalism is not limited to liberals. A few years ago, at a dinner I attended, a conservative Christian advocated sterilizing poor women as a solution to welfare dependency. And today, leading immigration-reform groups have links to zero-population growth advocates.

The divide is not between Republican and Democrats or liberals and conservatives—it’s between those who regard children as a blessing and those who view them as, at best, a burden.

While Blades is right when she says that plain selfishness accounts for some of the hostility to families with children, there is something else at work here as well. As Catholic writer Erin Manning says, the belief that growth in human population should be controlled is “an important tenet of mainstream environmentalism.”
Environmentalists agree that “there are too many people on the earth,” and that repairing environmental damage requires “aggressive measures to limit and restrict human population.”

In contrast to the Christian idea of stewardship, which “wishes to conserve and protect the natural resources of the planet for the sake of future generations,” this viewpoint “wishes to eliminate future generations for the sake of the planet.”

This is only one example of the cultural message today driven home to Americans: that is, that large, or even medium-sized, families are an impediment to the good life. Even if the kids are not yours, their existence will have a negative impact on you—whether it’s higher taxes or global warming.

Blades was rightly disturbed by the sentiments expressed, but she should not have been surprised—not in a culture where being a “nature lover” and a “mom” is viewed as a contradiction in terms.

This commentary first aired on March 9, 2007, and is part three in a three-part series.

Happy Friday!

"No More Diaper!"

That was what I heard upon turning off the shower this afternoon.

Joshua was screaming in his room through tears, "No more diaper!" Saraina was knocked out asleep on her bed. I asked Joshua what he wanted to wear instead and he simply replied, "Wear underwear. No more diaper."

You see, we borrowed this potty DVD from the library and a bunch of potty training type books for me to read to them. This morning I read the girl and then the boy version of "Potty Time." Saraina and Joshua loved that they each had their own copy.

So what did I do when I heard him say he didn't want to wear a diaper anymore? Well, inside I cringed at the thought of having to washing sheets this afternoon before bedtime (we haven't built up our twin sheet supply yet) but I said, "Well, okay! Do you need to go potty?" And off he went to do pees pees in the potty. Then he put his Elmo undies on along with his shorts (he insisted on wearing his shorts) and got in his big boy bed.

They are napping now. We will see if I have a yucky mess on my hands as naptime is generally "wake up with poopy diaper time."

But I am excited at what this may mean... only TWO in diapers! Oh no! Wait! I won't be able to leave the house! How do I take him to a public bathroom with the other kiddos? I don't even go in public restrooms unless I MUST. Hmmm...

Thursday, August 09, 2007

So Much Going On

Here's an update from us in Whitneyland. It's been a while since I've posted sooooooo...

- Got our new windows. Slightly bittersweet. Long story but there are a few issues that need to be addressed. But, that said, they look great and feel WONDERFUL!!!! Or... ummm... the breeze we feel from being able to open them is WONDERFUL! Talk about not taking for granted the simple blessing of feeling the wind...

- Little cousin Celeste turned 6 years old on Monday. Happy B-day, Celeste! Hope your special day was filled with blessings upon blessings. She was such a wee little infant when she was born and unless things have changed drastically in 5.5 months, she's probably still long and lean. I can't believe I was able to watch you come into the world! That's gotta be up there for me as one of the most precious gifts the Lord has given me.

- Aunt Brenda's Bday was on the 7th. The kiddos have been enjoying those raincoats, Aunt Brenda (although you're probably not reading this since you're still not sure how to get online!). You remain one of the most generous people I know! Happy B-day!

- William's B-day is today! Happy 32nd, Hubby! We're baking a dark chocolate cake right now as I write this. And Giordano's pizza will be served up tonight! Everyone wins!

- William started his new job on Monday. In case you're out of the loop, he's back in the property management field and has been very pleased so far with this new company. Integrity does count for a lot. And it looks like we'll finally have real, full health insurance beginning in October as a result! Can't wait as we are all due to take a trip to the dentist!!!

- Joshua update: he is such a big boy and a helper. Seriously, I can give him pretty complicated directions and he can figure out what I'm talking about. It sure makes it easier when I need diaper rash cream in another room or Sissy needs socks and we're downstairs. He's talking A LOT and is still not wanting to "put the poopies in the potty" but he loves his big boy underwear. Oh- and he's also still doing those odd things like putting on long-sleeved pajamas in the middle of the night and only wanting to wear swim trunks. He takes after his Papa!

- Saraina update: she enjoys taking off her poopy diapers at nap time and putting them on her pillow. Of course, it wouldn't special if she didn't proceed to jump with Joshua on his bed - naked bum and all. The girl is wild! But what is so very precious to see is just how much she ADORES her brothers, especially Joshua. Before she heads upstairs for her morning nap she stares at him and says, "Bye, bye Joshua." It's so sweet! The other day she decided to get into Joshua's big boy bed and take her nap there. (Joshua was downstairs as he doesn't take a morning nap.) I so wish I had the camera seeing her sleeping so peacefully on his pillow. Looks like we may have to get her a big girl bed sooner than we anticipated!

- K-K update: Mr. Suave Kadin is just about the same - adorable, always smiling or laughing, and real close to crawling. Little K-K can get around way more than his big sibs did when they were his age. He is so strong! Eating is going well. His preference would be for the veggies opposed to the fruit. He acts like the fruit is too sour for him. And his pincer grasp is getting better. He can grab those little puffs but doesn't always aim well at getting them IN his mouth. He remains a "good baby," kissable and loves laughing when he gets his diaper changed, esp. if it's a poopy! I'm not sure what he thinks is funny but it makes us laugh too!

That's probably enough for an update! I trust you fam and friends out there are living in the good of the Gospel. Hope to see some of you soon!

~kia (on behalf of all of us)
P.S. Picture notes:
1 - new window in kitchen
2 - Joshua eating a Krispy Kreme donut
3 - Saraina after too much sugar from her Krispy Kreme donut
4 - Kadin not needing any sugar, other than from his Grammy
5 - the kids playing in their "fort" or "gate-house" since it's too hot for Mama to go outside

William David Whitney


You love acrostics so here's one for you on your 32nd birthday / 7th spiritual birth day, August 9th, 2007. And, once again, sorry for always giving you your presents early. But, hey! It's kinda like a tradition now!



W - Worships freely

I - Interested in bizarre things

L - Laughs often

L - Loves being hubby and daddy

I - Is not a fan of vegetables

A - Asks rhetorical questions often

M - Manages our finances filled with hope

D - Drinks his coffee strong

A - Adores anything with sugar

V - Very sluggish early in the morning

I - Independently can make a group laugh by dancing

D - Dreams of having six kiddos

W - Wins wifey's heart over and over again

H - Has an affinity for donuts

I - Is often confused and thinks he is black

T - Tries anything once - much to wifey's dismay

N - Never goes a day without spending time with the Lord

E - Enjoys eating large portions with wifey

Y - Yearns to be free from sin and lives with that precious hope in mind!