Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Random Shots and Updates

Here is a random post with lots of pictures. Sometimes it's easier to add too many pics than to use the extra brainpower to decide which ones to include. Blogger wigged out on me so I am actually adding fewer than anticipated.

Oh- and a few quick updates:

* WDW got a new job and begins on 8/6/07 (Hey! That's cousin Celeste's 6th bday!!!). Pray for that, specifically that I will be full of joy and TRUST in this as it is further away than I would like (among other things) and that Pops will be able to keep his priorities straight. Ummm, I guess we'll be need some accountability, huh?

* KDW had his 6 month check up and is continuing the Whitney kiddos tradition of being "long and lean" (as the doc said, but he's really not long at all!). He weighed in at 14.03 pounds, is 2 ft 2 inches tall, and is wanting to crawl already. Little Dude is ACTIVE and full of joy. He also seems to have an allergy to milk (errrr!).

* SEW had her 18 month visit 2 months late is FINALLY broke 20 pounds!!! Wahoo! I can't beleive she's JUST now weighing 20 pounds (which means William and I were naughty and should not have turned her car seat around till now! Oh well!). And she's 2 ft 8 inches tall. It is so funny to see her little naked body! She's incredibly verbal but incredibly TINY! One of her new favorites things is to repeat is YEP! or Ummm, NO! Of course, she still says, JAAAHH-SWA!

* JCW was spared a doc check. He's doing well, speaking lots more and is often frustrated because we're unable to understand him. He continues to be very kind to his Sissy and little K-K and loves helping. He's great at getting and throwing away diapers, is learning to fold (kind of!), and walks around saying, "Jah-jah, big boy! Umm, yes!" And some of you may recall how anal he was, that has not changed! He still likes to select just the right pair of socks to go with his outfit and is very particular about how is blanket is on top of him! Oh my!

Enough talk! Enjoy!

We went to two parks nearby. Both were on the river and pretty much in walking distance from our house. We decided to drive it and then walk along the river.

Here I got excited about swinging. I got on and held my breath as I just knew the swing was going to break under my weight!

Then there was KD. Always smiling and giggling. He just loves when he gets a little attention. Are you like that?

big girl Saraina-bug

Mama with her 2 big babies making a weird face.
Saraina wasn't interested in looking foolish!

A sleepy Saraina

I love when my kiddos hug!
There is something special about seeing your kids hug!

Joshua in the sandbox

Joshua swinging

Kadin all smiles, AGAIN!!

Looking at this picture I can hear Sissy's laugh.

Papa-bear with his cubs (minus one!)
Daddy tried out the swing and it didn't break!

Saraina possibly tasting the flowers.
The girl eats EVERYTHING!!!!!

(Thankfully, we are getting new windows any day!!)


Hand in hand!

And I tried to be brave the other day and let the kids paint. This is SO hard for me. Messes like that are VERY challenging for me! They did well until Saraina decided to STEP on and WALK THROUGH and ON the final masterpieces as I (stupidly!) put them on the floor to dry (hey, they were out of the way!). Well, I found out that washable paint isn't so washable!

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