Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Our First Guests - the WAITS!

It will forever go down in history that the Waits from TX were our very first guests. Here they are just before driving to Chicago for a visit with the Chi-town Whitneys.

The Whitney kiddos had a great time with their cousins from the Lone Star State. This was even the first time they were able to meet their baby cousin Kadin. Last time we were together with the Waits was Thanksgiving and I was pregnant with Kadin. Because of the time lapse, I wasn't sure how Joshua and Saraina would behave. But Joshua and Saraina did great and really enjoyed having cousins near... for even a brief time. It was so cute hearing them say their names and ask for them after nap time!

Saraina, who LOVES books and eating, was able to enjoy special attention from a special Allison who adored reading and playing and teaching.

And Kadin didn't get the shaft these couple of days! Clearly, he had a great time with all the attention that was showered on him.

Joshua LOVED playing with and asking for "Unca T" during their visit. Unca T played with Joshua in the backyard and Joshua couldn't be happier to dig around in and move dirt, play ball, and whatever else boys do together.

Joshua and Allison

Emily and Joshua

Our neighbors decided to keep things pretty quiet during their visit but things were still lively. Sitting on the porch we enjoyed counting how many police cars (marked and unmarked) passed, how many ice cream trucks we'd see, and how many tricked-out cars would speed by. I think the Waits were pretty impressed that they could buy cotton candy (which they did!) from someone walking by selling it. And I'm told it was good and fresh cotton candy. You can't get that everywhere, folks!

Aunt Cristina with Kadin

So, thanks Waits for visiting with us! We really count ourselves blessed that you would make a deliberate stop here and spend time amidst chaos (and filth! I was embarrassed I didn't get to clean the bathrooms before your visit!). We love you guys and look forward to visiting one day (God willing) your home in TX!

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Waitsfam said...

Thank you so much for this sweet posting - it almost made me cry. We love you all so much and had such a great time with you guys. Thanks so much for having us. We do look forward to you visiting here whenever you're able. (By the way, what filth? If there was any, we didn't notice!)

We enjoyed playing ball, hide-and-seek and "dancing" with Joshua. We enjoyed cuddling, reading and going on walks with Saraina. We loved giggling with Kadin - who already has an amazing personality.

The cotton candy was The Best!

You all are very blessed with such a sweet home and family. God gave you amazing kids and you're doing your end of the deal by doing a GREAT job as parents.

We love you!