Friday, July 06, 2007

Granny Did You Know?


Hey there! Long time no chat with. I just had to show off my braids with you.

Whatcha think?

Yep. You are SO right! Mama needs some serious practice. Did you see that crooked part!

I thought you'd get a kick knowing that Mama was remembering being a little girl and having you do her hair. She was trippin' going down memory lane.

She remembers you sitting on the edge of your bed and her standing in between your legs as you brushed and combed and braided her hair.

She remembers the smell of Sulfur 8 and coconut oil.

She remembers the infamous two cornrows on each side and then the rest of her hair pulled back in a big pony tail.

She remembers always wanting to wear her hair down.
She remembers being very tenderheaded.

And she generally remembers all this and more when she sits down with me in between her legs as she brushes and combs and braids my hair... and tells me to "Keep still."

Well, I better go. It's morning nap time! Love to you and all the peeps reading this!

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