Thursday, July 05, 2007

Freaks Don't Sleep at Night

Do you know that song, "The freaks come out at night?" Well, I have a new line for the song, "The freaks don't sleep at night!"

We have some neighbors that are... well, yes this is horrible to say, but... they are FREAKS!

ALL night long we heard BANG, BANG, BANG-BANG. Two times in particular I thought we were living in a war zone. No joke. It was THAT loud. By 3:55 AM I was ready to confront our fire-happy neighbors.

When I went downstairs to get the coffee going I spotted about three individuals across the street. These folks were looking rough, to say the least. I'm talking barefoot, hair all over the place, walking in the street, and even a shirtless dude.

Using my childhood suburban tactics, I walked into another room and carefully peeked out of another window with the lights all off. At that time I caught a lady throw something lit into the street towards the window I was peaking through. Thankfully it wasn't another bomb or fireworks display.

Pause. Now, most of you reading this are probably saying I must be exaggerating. I am not! These "fireworks" were like BOMBS!!! They would create this string of fireworks that would cause an assortment of bombs to go off for 4 minutes straight! No joke! I know exactly where they were coming from because of the smoke. And I can see the debris this morning.

So, how do I feel about these folks? I'm strongly disliking them! But, I once heard someone quote some other godly person saying something like, "You love God as much as you love your greatest enemy." I'm sure I got that quote wrong but it reminds me of who else generally has sleep issues.

You see, my kiddos, who traditionally get up extra early, like 5:50 AM, actually slept through all this commotion. I didn't hear them till around 7:15 AM!

What does all this mean???

Well, I must be the freak! And I am. I am still quick to anger. I am quick to see other people as being more sinful, more deserving of God's wrath. I am still not loving as Christ has called me. It is I who was acting like the FREAK at 4 in the morning!

Lord, I pray for my neighbors, all of them, those I like and those I strongly dislike. Would you give me eyes and a heart that sees and cares for them as you do. Change my perspective to be aligned with Yours. May I care more for their souls than my comfort.


Waitsfam said...

Is there a city ordinance addressing the whens/wheres of fireworks?

Mama Whitney said...

Good ???, Waitsfam. I wouldn't be surprised if there is a city ordinance. The challenge comes in policing that.

What's funny is William and I often see police driving past our house at the rate of 1 every 5 or so minutes. That includes marked and unmarked cars. I guess there's so much of this foolishness going around they aren't interested in responding to it in our 'hood, at least.