Thursday, July 05, 2007

Fourth Fun

We had a WONDERFUL Independence Day!

It's funny living in Aurora. After living in Northern Jersey and Chicago proper for a spell, I actually think we live more in the city now than ever before. I know that sounds crazy.

It's just that our location is so busy, so lively, so often that it really does seem like our kids will be raised in the city. Our home is far away from Chatham and Laurel!

Yesterday we loaded up and walked to the downtown area to watch the parade. (Pictures below.) The kids didn't react how we thought they would but they sure seemed mesmerized by something. They get very excited to go for a walk in the neighborhood!

After our jaunt to the parade we had lunch and then naps. My precious Hubby did yard work while everyone else napped! We think he's got a rep for being the crazy man in the big white house. What would you think of someone using a saber saw on a weed?

To finish the day we took a trip to Ikea to make a return and enjoy some Swedish meatballs in their cafeteria. The kids were thrilled with this last minute decision. Nothing like some cold, hard french fries to make our two toddlers smile!

Enjoy the pictures!

We took picture of this very patriotic man watching the parade. He was quiet and sitting till the bagpipes started blowing.

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