Friday, July 06, 2007

Challenge Update - Month One

Soooo, how are you doing on the Challenge?

I started the Reading Through the Bible in 90 Days plan a month ago today. And boy, did I pick a busy time to begin! I surely have NOT been consistent as I would have liked.

But, even though I just ready Day 18 today (instead of Day 31, where I should be) it has been such a blessing reading larger chunks of Scripture!

Quick thoughts regarding the Challenge:

1- I have a greater desire to read MORE of God's Word, and not just to say "I've read it." I'm finding "help in my time of need" as I read of God's people rebelling and God continuing to offer salvation.

2- I have been a bit quicker to see my sin as evil and greiving to the Lord. For example, I keep reading about God's people "whoring" after other gods. (Other translations use the phrase prostitute or play the harlot.) That is some strong language that has captured my attention.

3- I have appreciated God's mercy and grace way more as I read of how the people will finally cry out to God, confess their sin, and repent.

Well, you're not too interested in this and I hear some loud thumping upstairs which let's me know I've got kiddos who are awake! Have a wonderful day!


oh- one more thing! God was quick to bring conviction to me regarding my attitude towards my firecrack-loving neighbors! Guess what? They were actually outside yesterday afternoon for a couple hours (at least) cleaning up from the big mess. And I'm talking rakes and brooms! I am very embarrassed by how quick I was to judge them. But, truth be told, when the firecrackers went off AGAIN last night, I again was very angry. I was going to call the police if I didn't have to get out of the bed to do it! Pray for me!

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