Monday, July 09, 2007

Any Ideas?

There are a bunch of wise, creative women out there who I would LOVE to get some ideas from regarding my new purchase. Yes, I need your help!

William told me I had to take a picture of this big boy bag o' rice. He's used to my bulk buying to save buck. Thing is I don't know how to store this 25 pound bag of goodness! We're talking 250 servings!!!!

Why did I buy it? Because it was so cheap, of course! Let's be real. Paying $6.65 for a 25 pound bag of rice is a great deal. And I would have purchased a smaller bag if they had one. But the smaller bags were MORE expensive and the thought of driving to yet another store was just out of the question.

So, who out there in cyberspace has a good idea for me regarding STORING rice. And if you've got some great recipes, I'll take those as well!



Kenj said...

Well, we buy pretty near every staple in 25 lb increments ;D You can purchase 5 gallon food grade buckets and store it in those. I have flour, sugars, oats, rice, beans, and cornmeal stored that way because you are right- it's incredibly cheaper to purchase stuff in such quantities. And before I dump them into the buckets, I freeze them for at least three days to kill off any bug eggs that might have hitched a ride...

I'm sure there are other resources for the buckets, but we buy ours from

Hope that helps!


my name is chad and I live in Maryland said...

how about having some of your new neighbors over for dinner and making some of that red beans and rice with some of that chili powder and chicken? just a thought!

judi said...

If you can't tell, Chad misses your cooking.

Miss you guys!!!!