Tuesday, July 03, 2007


This morning I couldn't stop thinking about the word ALL. Little word that is quite impressive!

I know how I can use it without putting much thought into it. Like,

- All I could think about was...
- Eat all of your vegetables...
- I was up all night long...

And then there are the times when it is not said but meant. Like,

- I didn't finish my reading for today.
- Clean up your toys.

Well, I read Joshua 8 this morning and these two verses stuck out,

And afterward he read all the words of the law, the blessing and the curse, according to all that is written in the Book of the Law. There was not a word of all that Moses commanded that Joshua did not read before all the assembly of Israel, and the women, and the little ones, and the sojourners who lived among them.

You see, on Saturday evening we were hanging out on the front porch watching the kiddos play when the pastor from next door and her husband arrived. (Some of you have had your curiosity peaked, right?) I'd met Cyndi before soon after we moved in. She had been responsible for arranging a beautiful 'welcome to the neighborhood' basket for us. I was excited to be able to meet her husband for the first time and for William to be able to meet her finally.

Okay, so what does ALL and the verse in Joshua 8 have to do with Cyndi? Well, we found out just how different we are from each other and it has to do with ALL.

We believe ALL of Scripture is the word of God and is without error.
We believe ALL of the Bible is relevant for us today.
We believe ALL of us are sinners in need of the Savior.
We believe ALL of us will one day stand before a Holy God and give an account.
We believe ALL of our thoughts, deeds, actions are known by God.

Cyndi does not. Her congregation probably does (a long story there!) but she's taking her church in a different direction. Cyndi believes in the blessing, not the curse.

Joshua 8:34-35 reminds us that ALL of the Law of God was important to ALL people. We can't pick and choose! We sure can try to have that "buffet-style" of religion but what it boils down to is this: It doesn't matter what you believe. What matters is what is TRUE!

So, when Cyndi said with a smile and a laugh, "We couldn't be further from opposite ends of the spectrum!" we could only nod and smile back and say, "You're right!"

Yet we are beginning a relationship though! And we hope to learn from one another. We have extended an invitation to them so hopefully they'll join us for dinner one Friday evening. We must NOT be ashamed of the Gospel for it IS good news for ALL people! We will live our lives accordingly. Indeed we will spend our lives, ALL of our lives, for Him alone!

Now, it goes without saying that at least some of you reading this will call me names along the lines of (but a bit stronger than) narrow-minded. And that's okay! I am not called to please all people. I couldn't if I wanted to. But, with the help of The Helper I will be pleasing to One who called me by name. Yes, the Lord of the Universe called ME by my name when I was running as hard and fast as I could straight to Hell! (Please post a comment or send me an email if you'd like to know details of what I mean by that!)

My question to you and for me today: what are you (am I) giving your (my) ALL to this day?

May our answer to that question be all pleasing to God!

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the Dabb family said...

VERY well written! You are an amazing woman, Mama Whitney, and I wish you were right here with me to sit and chat a bit!