Monday, June 11, 2007

Work Day

Here are some pictures of how things went over the weekend at "the new house." We were only able to sneak one quick visit as there is much work going on over there and Mommy didn't want us around those paint fumes and dirt too much.

As you will see, God has been kind to provide us with family that helped out BIGTIME. And we mean blood-family and our extended church family!

Thanks everyone who was able to come out and pitch in AND to those who lifted the weekend up in prayer. Both were vital! Oh- and to the Danca fam, you guys are INCREDIBLE! Mama is so bummed she didn't get a picture of the 7 of you!

love, joshua

Here's Daddy the night before our big work day. Daddy and Mommy started the night before just trying to clean around the garage and the driveway. Talk about WORK!

Now how cool is this. Uncle Freeman is so cool he can mow the lawn with ONE HAND!!!! And we must say he is so sharp that he arrived and left dressed in a buttoned-up, well-ironed shirt. Talk about a smooth dresser! Clearly he's a man from the big city!

Mr. Fry from church came over and put on a second coat of paint in the living and dining room. Thanks Mrs. Fry for releasing him to help us!

Aunt Jenny and Uncle Freeman took the train in from the city and quickly went to work. Here is Aunt Jenny fixing the weed wacker. Future Whitney trivia question. Who took the FIRST shower in the Fifth St house? Answer: Aunt Jenny!

Mommy's new friend and care groupie, Mrs. Finnemore, painted a ton. Here she is working on the porch. Thanks Mr. F for letting your wife come over while you watched your kiddos!

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