Thursday, June 28, 2007


Are you fighting for joy today?

I am. I have to fight, and I mean literally FIGHT, to be satisfied in God alone.

A friend (who happens to be a mom of eleven - clearly, she's learned a thing or two about being content in her years as a mom) reminded me this week of the dangers of discontentment. In fact, she used the word rebellion which really got my attention.

How are you prone to rebel against a Holy God?

As I was doing my Bible reading (apart of my Challenge) I couldn't help but see God calling His people to remember to live according to His way and the pattern of the Israelites rebelling. How could they keep forgetting how He delivered them from Egypt? The answer: the same way I am quick to forget how He has provided for our family time and time again.

We are all prone to wander!

Some of the ways I rebel against our Holy God are by:

- complaining about where "the boundary lines have fallen" for me
- desiring and/or doing other things that God is not calling me to in that moment (umm... the computer?)
- shaking my fist at God when things don't go my way
- doubting God's provision and goodness in tough times

What can I do about this sinful heart of mine that is so prone to wander?

Well, today marks our second week in our new home and I am making time to REMEMBER. And when those trials come ('cause we can be sure they will come!) I will count it all joy! That reminds me of a great song to sing...


Lord I’ll count it all joy
When my troubles
Close me in on every side
Lord, I’ll count it all joy
When this road of faith
Runs through the darkest night
For I know You’re at work in me
Yes I know You’ll provide
All the grace I need
You have always been my Rock
I will trust You forever, forever
You have never failed me God
I will trust You forever, forever
Lord I’ll count it all joy
When the weight of sorrow
Drives me to my knees
Every heartache and pain
In Your mighty hands
Is forming Christ in me
And I know that Your Word is true
Yes, I know every trial
Will only prove
Who can separate us
From You and Your great love
© 2004 Integrity's Hosanna! Music (ASCAP)/Sovereign Grace Worship (ASCAP)

We'll we've got a play group to go to so... till next time!

Choosing to fight for joy for His glory,

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