Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Pizza Cake?

We HAD to put this on the blog!

Mama canNOT bake for anything. A friend gave her a simple recipe for making homemade pizza and well... this is what it came out like.

Indeed, peeps, she's terrible at baking! Daddy took one glance at it on top of the oven and said, "WHOA!"

Joshua saw it and exclaimed, "Happy day! Happy day!" Translation: Happy Birthday! The poor kid thought it was a CAKE it was so high!

The pizza cake - which is what we started calling it after Joshua kept singing, "Happy... to you!" - was so thick and heavy that Mama almost couldn't get it out of the oven. She almost dropped it.

Oh- and again, if you haven't heard about the challenge, click HERE!


So, next time you hear Mama say, "I don't bake, I burn" just nod and say, "I know!"

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