Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Our Neighborhood's Top Ten

There is SO much about our new neighborhood that makes us smile at one another. Noooo, I should say there is so much about our new neighborhood that cracks us up! And it's mostly because of how different it is from the neighborhoods we grew up in!

Here's the top ten of what's so amazing about our neighborhood.

10. People cut through our backyard without thinking twice.
Last night William was standing on the front porch when he saw 2 kids cutting between our house and church next door on their way to our backyard. William stared at them and them he. Because they continued to walk as if simply enjoying a stroll through the park he said, "Hey there!" The kids stopped and knowing why he would be addressing him said nochalantly, "I live there in that green house." William decides to get some info. "What's your names?" The kids (who can't be older than 10 & 8) tell him Deann and Mikey. William replied gently, "Well, THAT'S my backyard. You've got to walk around." And guess what they say, "But that's the long way! This is shorter!" Gotta love kids!

9. We can enjoy fireworks THREE nights in a row, often till 1:30 am.
The plumbers who came over the weekend were from the country and kept jumping and being noticeable uncomfortbable when from out of nowhere firecrackers would go off. (Or maybe those sounds were something else...)

8. We can catch the bus from our house.
Yes, our home IS an actual bus stop! In fact, you might even get people asking you, "Did the number XYZ pass already?" We better get a bus schedule!

7. We almost don't need to set out our trash for trash day.
One of Mikey's friends noticed a find in our trash. Not 30 minutes after William put the trash out did this little guy come along and take the broken clothes drying rack we had just sat out. When he walked in front of our porch I shouted out to him, "Hey, that's broken! Whatcha gonna do with it?" The little guy replied, "So, my momma will still use it." You go little guy!

6. We always have people speaking to us!
People are not shy around here. So many people have already inquired, "You live here?" or "You bought this place?" And soon follow it up with, "It used to look like XYZ!" Positive feedback!

5. We can have visitors at any time.
Someone might just come up and ask (after parking his bike in front and walking straight into the foyer), "You got any rooms for rent?" I guess the word it out that this is a big house!

4. Five-0 or the PO-lice (aka 'the police' for you non-city folk) love to frequent our street.
Not three minutes from William and I sitting on the porch last night to enjoy some all-american hot apple pie did we see someone getting busted. When the paddy-wagon arrived we really got excited. Around that time little Mikey strolls by (AGAIN!) and asks us, "Yo, what happened?" I guess we should ask the 5.0 next time.

3. Neighbors are very transparent.
You get lots of neighbors who don't think twice about cussing. And our new friend, Don, who's the janitor for the church, is an old white dude who seems to know everyone, white, black, Latino / Hispanic. He says to me, "My sister's boyfriend was so, so black that he was BLUE!" People will say anything to your face here!

2. Clothes shopping might be unnecessary one day.
This morning I looked out of of the dining room windows and saw a pair of sneakers. William says rather matter of factly, "What size are they?"

1. You never need to leave your house to buy cotton candy or nachos!
Last night I was sitting on the top step watching the kids play out front when a truck that looks like it sells ice cream stops right in front of our house. The lady inside smiles and says, "You want some nachos?" Ummm, I'll pass today! But thanks!

Our neighborhood is indeed a top ten! Come and see for yourself! Better yet, there's a new home on the market across the street from our garage. Totally rehabbed and really nice looking! We could be neighbors!

(FYI - this post is serious about us really loving our neighborhood! But, of course, we'd ask you to continue to pray for wisdom, protection, etc. for us and our kiddos.)


April said...

I love catching up on everything from your blog! This one is especially funny. I will be praying for you all as you continue to settle in. Miss you!

Jenny said...

We love your neighborhood, too!