Thursday, June 14, 2007

Moving Day is HERE!

William is off to work. He'll pick Freeman up after work and together they'll get the Penske. (William is a truck snob and ONLY drives Penske's after the big move from MD to IL in February!)

Dad W. is driving up from Springfield to help with a ton of random stuff, including moving and finding / hooking up the dryer vent (which seems to be nonexistent).

Mom W. has JCW and SEW at their place till Friday or Saturday. (I'm ready to have my kiddos back though!!!)

I'll be picking up Jenny from the train station and she'll be packing, moving, cleaning, etc. You name it, she can do it! And talk about not complaining!!!

Yes, complaining.

This morning I read in Exodus about the grumbling Israelites. The Lord immediately reminded me of how quickly I grumble to the Lord. As Moses told the Israelites when they kept complaining about their situation just after they'd experienced miracle and after miracle,

"... Your grumbling is not against us but against the Lord.” (Read for yourself HERE.)

Yes, my grumbling is really against God Himself. Boy, does that put things in check.

Prayer requests would be:

* that God is glorified in this move today

* that we rely on Him and not ourselves

* that we get all the "necessary" things cleaned, fixed, moved

* that God would give us wisdom re: getting new windows (who to go through, how much to spend, etc.) and other big-ticket items (electrical work)

* that we will end this weekend knowing the Savior more

Well, enough. I have MUCH to do this beautiful June day. And may God receive ALL the glory!


P.S. Thank you to everyone who continues to pray for us. Coveting those prayers!!

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Anonymous said...


I just went to your blog from your email. Praying for grace for you today!

--Sarah Kinnard