Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Little Miss Lady Bug Saraina

My sister Saraina is something else. At 18 months of age, she can pack food in her mouth just like our Mama, which is an impressive Tomlinson family trait. (You ever seen my Mama's cousin Rasheed or James eat?!) But she also has Mama's attItude. Notice the capital I in that word. I did that on purpose. Like Mama, Saraina seems to think that EVERYTHING revolves around her, was created for her, and must happen in her timing. Foolish girl she is! Boy, will she find out (just like Mama keeps finding out over and over again when her sin of pride - basically thinking too highly of self) rears its ugly-mug.

So, while I love my sister, her passion, her zeal for life, her amazing capacity to pack the food in, her beautiful curls, her precious kisses she showers on me, she, like the rest of us are sinners in need of God's Son, Jesus, to meet our greatest need - to be reconciled to God.

May you enjoy these pictures and be reminded of God goodness to us... and even Saraina Elisabeth!

love, kadin david

Saraina with all the attItude she can muster. I belive at this moment she was saying, "I'm great! I'm the best! I'm tough! I'm unstoppable!" But, let's be real. Haven't you made a similar face before????

This is classic Saraina thinking she's gonna get away with something when... BAM! She's caught by Mama! In fact, big sis was crying out "HELP!!! Mama!!! Mama!!!! Mama!!!" When was the last time you cried out for God's mercy and help in a time of need????

And then there are these sweet moments I get to witness. Joshua sharing with Saraina. I am so glad I can learn from my big Bro and big Sis! And there is MUCH to learn.

And this is me, just showing what I spend most of my time doing...

Have a wonderful night and please read Mama's last entry on reading the Bible in 90 days. She called it "A Challenge."

~kadin d

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