Friday, June 08, 2007

It is Official

Family, Friends,

We are now the weary homeowners of the former parsonage! And the amount due at closing was a little less than we anticipated. God keeps pouring out blessing.

So, how are we doing???

We are exhausted. Getting up at 4 am is tough. And the workload is increasing. Which is MORE of a reason for me to spend MORE time in the Word. I NEED MORE GRACE!!!

Would you pray for us?

William and I got to the house around 6:45ish last night and as he and I spent a little time in the house, our home, for the first time by ourselves, I was quickly getting weary and worried.

Lord, I can't do this? How will I get this place clean enough to have my precious little kiddos sleep in here? The air is musty, the carpet filthy, and the lead paint visible. How can this be done in less than a week?

So, William, my prince, lead me well! He helped me see things through the Lord's eyes. That He has proved abundantly for us. And that we do HAVE to move out next Thursday - we've paid up for the entire month of June at our rental home. And William's parents aren't too far away. God will indeed make a way!

Where does that leave me? Talk about waking up and KNOWING what I need - I needed to receive all the Lord has for me this Friday! Opening the Bible, hot coffee beside me, I forged ahead and approached Day 3 of the challenge.

God of the universe, thank You for filling me, for knowing every need I have this day, for providing everything I need!

My thoughts / take-aways from this day's reading:
* My thirst for God's Word is increasing all the more. It's like I can't get enough.
* Beware of my desires. I am not trustworthy, but God is! Seek Him and His way in all I do.
* God has a plan and it is good. Joyfully trust Him to reveal it in His timing and His way. Be patient!!
* God hears His people. And even when I don't have the strength or brain-power to know what to pray, the Spirit does know!!! Thank You, Lord God!

In closing, I ask again. Would you pray for us? And please post a comment if the Lord leads you to. Those comments are indeed encouraging to our souls!

Trusting and leaning on Christ,

P.S. If you're interested in reading today's reading, go HERE.

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