Thursday, June 21, 2007

From our Vantage Point

We kiddos are tired of Mommy being the only one getting her two cents in about how we're doing! Talk about monopoly!

We kiddos are doing great!

We don't care about being hot and sweaty. We THRIVE in the heat!
We don't care about boxes being everywhere. We love playing with and on them!
We don't care about the laundry not being clean. We love getting our clothes dirty!
We don't care about Mommy cooking healthy meals. We love junk food!
We don't care about our things being in new places. We love exploring new areas!
We don't care about looking out the windows. We love all the activity we see from the porch.

So, we continue to make progress. The above picture is of Kadin doing one of his new tricks. He can even squirm out of his car seat if not locked in. Kinda dangerous. Oh, and he's slept through the night the past 2 evenings. (Of course, that depends on what you call "sleeping through the night." He's going down ~7:30ish and waking up around 4 am.)

We continue to love having one another. Kadin ADORES us. He gets a kick watching us play. And we love him. We are always very careful when we imitate Mommy kissing on him.

Joshua's at the stage where he must talk constantly. It can really drive other peeps crazy though. Here's some of his "talk."

"Mommy, K-K roll over? Mommy? Mommy? K-K roll over? Yes?"

"Mommy, Jah-jah (refering to himself) go downstairs. Yes. Downstairs? Downstairs? Mommy?"

Mommy's thrilled that he's finally saying NO the right way. But, she says she could kick herself for not getting how he used to NO (Boowww!) on video.

Sissy continues to be bold, adventurous and W-I-L-D.

Her personality matches her hair. One of her favorite things is to call her brothers. She'll say, "Jaaahhh-swa! Jaaahhh-swa! NO! NO! K-K! K-Kaaayyy!" Her speech is quite remarkable. A very verbal girl!

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