Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Daddy's Way of Problem Solving

Saraina filled you in on our parking issue. It's really quite easy to solve. And I put an end to the situation just yesterday afternoon.

Here's what I did:

I took an old tow sticker I had from my previous job back in MD. (Hey, give me a break. I didn't clean out my trunk, okay!) Then I blacked out the words Vanguard Mgt. and stuck it right on their window. It looked pretty official since it was bright orange.

My dear wife is slightly concerned with "repercussions" but my thought is this. They were parked in our driveway for HOURS. I could've called the police and had them towed instead of giving them a warning. I'd like to say that I did extend much grace!

Papa Whitney


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Freeman said...

If the culture of your neighborhood is one of walk through your yard, park in your space, etc., no amount of stickers is going to change that.

I think the challenge is to figure out what's normal/not normal for the local scene and then find out how to live in peace with your neighbors. These are the people you may need to help you out some day, give you a heads-up about stuff going down on the block, etc.