Wednesday, June 06, 2007

A Challenge

Mama Whitney has a challenge for all you who are interested!

After listening to Haven Today last night, I was greatly convicted about how I spend my time. I realized that my time is a resource the Lord has given me to steward and that although I've never really struggled with having daily quiet times, I often "spend" my time in wasteful ways. That, my friend, is just as grieving to the Lord as any sin out there!

I "spend" my time online, emailing, making too many lists, organizing and then re-organizing, etc. Now, while these things in it of themselves are not sinful, my putting them in place of other things, things God has called me to, IS sinful. For example, God is calling me to be Mama not just by giving these kiddos birth but in the daily, hourly task of training and discipling them for God's glory. I am QUICK to brush them off to complete a search on Craigslist or finish reading a new email, and so many other things. Lord, forgive my selfish pride!!!!

Anyway, here's the challenge: join me by commiting to read the Word, God's Word, the Bible, MORE than you currently are. Now, for some of you, that may be reading it for the first time. And to that I say, praise God! And for others, you may be reading a few Scriptures here and there to go with a daily devotion. And praise God for that! But, would you consider joining me in Reading the Bible in... NINETY DAYS? Yes, 90 days. That's 9-0 days. (Click the link for the plan.)

I just started this morning with Day 1. (Click "Day 1" if you don't have a Bible!) They say it should only take 30 minutes but for slowpoke readers (like me!) it will take ~ an hour. But, isn't the God of the universe worth that?!

SOOOOOO, would you email or post a comment on this blog letting me that you are joining me. What if you or I fail? Won't God still get the glory? Let's face it. If you or I DO complete the Bible in 90 days it won't be because of us! It'll only be because the Lord Himself extended the grace necessary for us to do it!

But, I'm going for it. Though this season be busy (moving, 3 kids 2.5 and under, etc.) I am MORE in need of His grace.

love, ~kia (mamawhitney)


Laura said...

Wow such pefect timing for me. I was just feeling freshly convicted about the same thing! Because I am not taking classes or working full time this summer I have tons of time on my hands. I join you in this challenge sister!! Thanks for sharing this;)

the Dabb family said...

Thanks, Kee, for the challenge. And what an example you are to me in this. I was just thinking about how I spend my time, and I feel that you and I are so alike in this area. Thank you for spurring me on!

Hannah said...

Hey there! I just found your blog and I am so provoked by your example in desiring God and teaching your children as well by your example. I am guilty of wasted time for sure so I will join you in this challenge! Thanks for your example!

Annie Geralis said...

I just love the photo of the pizza. It does kind of look good! I love reading you site, and I do have the bible which William gave to me as you were cleaning out your home in Maryland. Will read some this weekend. Hope all is well with you guys. Sounds like your family is gowing and doing well in your new area. Keep up the gret photo's of the kids, and I hope that you and William are doing well.