Thursday, June 07, 2007

Challenge Update

The LORD is GOOD! So far, there are (unless I'm counting wrong) three other people who are joining me in my challenge! If you don't know what I'm talking about check THIS out.

Here's my quick update:
I read Day 2 and although I had 2 "interruptions" (i.e. Kadin needed to be fed and I like to chat with my precious Hubby Bubby before he leaves for work), God was kind to allow me to complete the reading AND to even journal a bit! Yes, friends, I even made time to JOURNAL about it! Talk about grace!

Two quick take-aways for me:
1- As a wife/woman, I see what I call "The Eve Syndrome" in my life over and over. Sin is SERIOUS! Lord, help me to choose to honor you in how I help my husband (i.e. I was created to be his helper, not vice versa!), how I speak with my kids (i.e. may I not give in to the sinful comparison of my kids with other kids or with each other), and in how I interact with others (i.e. seeing others through Your eyes, that is, not my judgmental eyes).
2- Thank You, God, for your plan of redemption seen so early and clearly in the very beginning of the Bible!

Well, it's just about 7 am here and that's when I go in to the kiddos' room. And that is a priority since I've had my time with the Lord and helped my Hubby get off to work. Plus, today's the BIG day. We close on our new home today!!!!

And, for those of you who think yiou've missed your chance to join the challenge, it's not too late! Start today!!!!


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