Tuesday, May 08, 2007

We Miss Daddy!


We know you miss us. How could you not? Our smelly diapers, our tantrums, our fussing over toys, how quickly we eat are such memories to cherish!

We wanted you to know just how much WE miss YOU though. And Mama misses you even more. She doesn't like being away from you.

Here are some pictures for you (and whoever else checks this blog) to enjoy.

Can't wait to wrestle you again!
love, ~joshua


Daddy said...

Whitneykiddos -

You're the tops, I'm mad for your site. I'm keen to the blog scene and I think yours is one of the freshest out there. NO hype, fluff, or show, just life like it is meant to be: up front and personal.

Keep it real and don't the let the mainstream ever take you downstream...if you know what I mean.

love, daddy

ps, great pictures and I miss you all sooooooooooo much!

Tim and Cristina said...

William, william, william...

Mama Whitney said...

well, there it is. my husband is CRAZY! and for the record no one knows what you mean by "don't let the mainstream ever take you downstream." but you sho' make a wifey laugh!

love u, wfy