Thursday, May 31, 2007

A Visit to Krispy Kreme

Daddy came home one day last week and decided it was time for us to fully experience Krispy Kreme. You may or may not have heard that I, like my Papa, have an affinity for dow-dows (translation: donuts). In fact, I like them so much I almost can deal with the sticky finger syndrome which is bound to set in after eating them.

Anyway, here's a few pictures Mama will one day stick in our family scrapbook.

Peace, jay-dub

Daddy took this picture of us. Can you tell Mama's a wee bit nervous about the effect the dow-dows will have on us? She was stunned when the lady behind the counter gave each of us kiddos our very own hot, sweet, yummy treat! Clearly this is her first real experience at a Krispy Kreme too.

Daddy took me aside so we could have some manly bonding time. He showed me where they make those delicious treats. We both started to salivate over them.

Me with a dow-dow of my very own!

And another picture of me enjoying the sugar rush.

And Sissy can't handle too much sugar. It was like she was going to go into a sugar coma.

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Laura said...

Hey Kia! I somehow came upon your blog (you know how that goes!) and was so excited to see how your family has grown ;) I remember meeting you when you had just had your first child at my sister Hannah's house. You have a beautiful family! Glad to see all is well.