Thursday, May 10, 2007

Pastor Papa?

Top of the morning to everyone!

Well, we are REEEAAALLL close to the bank signing on the dotted line for our new house. And then we can start calling Daddy 'Pastor Papa' or something like that. Seriously, all things are looking real good for this deal.

Mama was ablemake the inspection but who knows what help that was. She gets REAL freaked out about stuff like that. She can't remember anything of importance. Daddy kept asking her questions about the inspection and she was really having a tough time keeping all the info straight. Overall, Mr. Inspector said for a home over 100 years old, she's looking real good. And he was really helpful in pointing out some safety things we'd want to do sooner rather than later to protect us littles.

Well, here are some more pictures of the place. As you will be able to see, we'll be spending the next 10 years working on her. But, how cool is that!?

view of the front

another view of the front of the house and the 2nd floor. We'll need to paint that porch. What an eye sore! Our realtor found the original porch railing in the garage. It is different from how this one looks.

view of side of the house (and our minivan!) from the front with North Ave. on our right.

This is a view from the backyard to the front. the garage is on the left and the church is on the right. and weeds galore everywhere else!!!

This is a view from the front of the house to the back with the church on the side.

the weedy backyard that needs some serious attention and our closest neighbor

full bath upstairs

the half bath off the foyer

view from top of stairs looking down at the 1st landing

view from bedroom 1 of the hallway. on the left are the stairs going down, bathroom, closet. on the right bedroom 2, bedroom 3 (probably the master), bedroom 4, and a thin closet which you can't see. straight ahead is bedroom 5 with the "narnia" stairs that lead to the attic.

the narnia stairs that lead to the attic

the neat built-in dresser/closet combo from the outside

the built in dresser/closet combo in bedroom 4 from the inside

this view is from the basement stairs. the garage door is on the left, pantry on the right, and kitchen straight up those stairs. and the fridge is right in front there.

the kitchen cabinets go way up


Tim and Cristina said...

What a great house! This is such a cool opportunity for you guys. You're going to have an AMAZING home when it's all said and done. The Waits girls would love to help paint or whatever you need when we visit. Thanks so much for the great communication. It's awesome to keep up with everything from 1000 miles away... :(
love you guys!

Freeman said...

Sweet digs. I like the fire extinguisher in the bathroom--there have been times I wished for that, I assure you!

Let us know when move-in day is.