Monday, May 07, 2007


Here is our new home. Ugh... maybe our new home?

As most of you out there know , our parents are WACKED OUT! Here's the recent list of just how crazy they are:

Monday, 4/30 - Daddy gets a job!!

Tuesday, 5/1 - Grammy babysits while the folks go look at houses.

Wednesday, 5/2 - Daddy and Mommy put a bid in on a house but get upset b/c the sellers only come down $1K. (Hello! Don't they know it's a buyers market!?!?!)

Thursday, 5/3 - Daddy and Mommy look at more houses and bring us along.

Friday, 5/4 - Daddy and Mommy withdraw their offer from the 1st home and thensucker some friends from church to check out another house they like. They gave good counsel and so we said NO to that one too.

Saturday, 5/5 - Saraina's officially 18 months and to celebrate the folks go to look at 2 different houses. Before leaving Daddy says, "We're bringing the checkbook. I've got a feeling about this one!" And a couple hours later we're chillin' at DQ eating ice cream while the realtor draws up the bid.

The story to this big bad beast of a home is this:

It's a bank-owned forclosure and the price was just lower on Saturday, putting it on the folks radar for the 1st time. It was built in 1900 and was used as a church parsonage. The church is our next door neighbor!

What's the draw to this house / how do the folks know THIS is the one? Check out this list:

FIVE bedrooms
original hardwood floors
fairly large kitchen
front porch
central air
1/2 bath on main floor
beautiful woodwork throughout
2 car ATTACHED garage
and it's in good shape!

This house is like a retreat house or something! Who's up for a visit b/c we got room for you to stay!!!!

The reason it's not a done deal is b/c the seller (the bank) is selling the home AS IS and they want us to get the home inspection BEFORE they sign on the dotted line. Basically, this covers them and us in case something major pops up in the inspection phase. So, even though we had the offer in on Saturday, it wasn't really in since banks have those weird hours. We just heard this evening that they are close to accepting our offer!!!

Here are some more pictures of what is really close to being our new home! Please post a comment and let us know what you think!!!!

~saraina (for the rest of the kiddos)

a side view of the house showing our garage and you can see the church in the background

the foyer and hallway

the foyer is HUGE (13 x 7 ft)

will be the dining room after we take up the carpet here



Tim and Cristina said...

This is one serious parsonage, says Uncle Tim. We LOVE IT! It's beautiful. Just prayed for the house search this morning...Who knew!

the Whitney Kiddos said...

Oh- and we got a good question from someone who's very special to us about a backyard.

Yes, there is a backyard. It's a decent size yard but it's just beyond the garage. To get to it you have to go through the garage.

It's a bit different but we know there's nothing absolutely perfect on this side of heaven!

Jenny said...

Yay! It looks very nice. Now, to pray for the inspection.