Friday, May 18, 2007


Most of you out there know who little Micah is. We've been praying for him for over a year now as he's been fighting an extremely rare type of cancer. Well, this little three year old has been given only 1 or 2 weeks to live. As a Mama, I try to imagine what Luke and Kriscinda, his parents, are going through and my mind can't even get a grip on their reality. PLEASE, would you take a moment now and lift this little guy and his family up to the Lord of lord, King of kings, the One who works ALL things together for His glory and our good.

And check out their blog by clicking HERE. If you've got a pulse, you're going to cry. But if you know the Savior, you'll be reminded that death is not the end...

kia (aka mama whitney)

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