Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Lesson to be Learned

Our Mama is pretty strange. That's a fact. But her recent decision is downright FOOLISH... or is it!

Yesterday she had a busy day. After getting us all dressed and fed in the morning we all took a trip to Walmart and Costco. Truth be told, we did remarkably well. All praise to the LORD for that!

Anyway, we ge to the checkout at Walmart and the cashier proceeds to do what most people do to Mama when she's out with all of us alone:

"Wow! How old are they?" (asking about me and Saraina)
"And you've even got a little one in there!" (speaking of Kadin in the infant carrier)
"You're a busy woman!"

But then she decides to get a little more information.

"Are they all in diapers still? That must be expensive." (at which point they always look at me!)
"You know what I did to get MY kids potty-trained, I gave them a sweet treat every time they went on the potty. And it took no time at all. They were all potty-trained by the time they were 2."

So, Mama, looks from the lady to me to the items she'd just purchased (diapers for Kadin b/c the Costco out here doesn't sell his size! Urgh!) and grabs a pack of M&Ms and tells her to, "Ring this up too."

Being the perceptive boy that I am, I took full advantage of this and was quickly agreeable with the "do pee on potty, get M&M treat."

But the evening comes. I'm wearing some cool Elmo undies I got from my grandparents and I get a bit thirsty. I have a glass of apple juice. I have half a cup of milk. I then water with dinner. The whole time Mama keeps asking, "Do you need to do pees on the potty?"

Well, I finish dinner and Mama asks me once more, about 45-60 minutes since I had juice. "Booooww!" I say. (Translation: Noooo!) Not 3 minutes later, when the folks are to arrive to look at the house we're renting, I let out a little scream and out it flows. Yep! All over the carpet and one of the pillows from the couch.

Lesson for Mama: You are the adult. You say when and where. That's your job.

Lesson for me: Save some pees for the potty so you can still get a sweet treat!

~joshua whitney

Oh- and you can see my cool undies below!!!

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