Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day!

This is a special Mother's Day greeting to our grandmothers, Grammy and Granny.

Dada and Mama say today's a special day
So hear's a little something to get you on your way

You both are cool and over the top
Your love for us can't be stopped

One is like coffee, the other like cream
We look like we're caramel, something in between

God uniquely chose you for us
We're humbled by His goodness and filled with greater trust

So many qualities that we admire about you both
Point us to the Savior and His work on the cross

Passion, care, and love you demonstrate so clearly
Thank you for praying for us so diligently

Happy, happy Mother's Day, Granny and Grammy
you're the best ever, and there's nothing more to say!

written by Saraina (with help from the folks)

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