Thursday, May 17, 2007

5.5 Years... and Counting!

my wonderful prince,

you are a gift from THE KING. absolutely the best gift AFTER salvation! let me take a hot minute (as legos and trucks and a hummer await!) to say I LOVE YOU! happy five and a half years anniversary, hby!

wow! 66 months of marriage and I STILL DO. and I’d do it all again.

thank you for exercising SO much patience with me. I know how difficult I am yet I am aware of how much you pray for me, care for me, honor me, encourage me, and point me to the Savior. I don’t deserve you but I thank God for graciously creating me to be your helper. my walk with the Lord is so much more vivid, real, meaningful because of your godly leadership of our family.

may we continue to grow closer to the Savior together.

loving being your wife… and yo babies’ mama,

oh- and some other shots peeps may dig are below.

Saraina chillin' in her Pop's lap

Joshua looking really tall all of a sudden. When did that happen??

Special K in his crib this morning after rolling over.

Me and little Saraina-bug last night at bedtime.

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