Monday, April 16, 2007

Random Shots and a Funny Story

Below are some random shots. It's hard getting Mommy in front of the camera but it's even harder getting her in front of the camera after she's shower and made her hair "presentable." Let's just say she's got a LOT of hair and a LOT of hair stories. How 'bout we share her most recent hair story...

One day last week Daddy encouraged Mama to get her hair "done." So, Mama caved in agreed that it was time to go drastic. She was off to a salon. As you all can imagine, Mama prayed on her way to the salon and nervously walked into the very nice establishment (not to be named!). Those fancy places can bring on the heat for Mama!

Anyway, the very friendly hair lady began tackling Mama's hair which was in need of mucho love. As she applied the relaxer Mama was feeling pretty good, was very hope-filled. But, even though the poor lady was working as fast as she could, the chemicals were working on Mama's poor scalp and neck a bit faster. Finally Mama spoke up and said, "My neck is starting to tingle." (That's called an understatement!) Well, she quickly finished and the lady who's job it was to wash, cut and style Mama's hair took over. Even after all the chemicals were out, Mama's neck continued to burn. The stylist blowed-dried and cut Mama's hair and Mama was stunned that she was in her car only 1.5 hours after getting there. Not bad in her experience!

But that all happened Thursday afternoon. Her hair is straight and cut and looks decent enough. Unfortunately, Mama's neck... is... well, let's just say she's got scabs all down her neck! Gross! But, again, let's remember the good in all this: her hair is manageable. Mission accomplished!

Peace out,
special K

Us kiddos with Mama

Me and my Mama

Me and my Mama again!

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