Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Guess what?

Still no answer re: the J-O-B for Papa. This has been (and still is) a great exercise in being patient. Talk about the Lord knowing just what our folks were in need of... PATIENCE.

But, we are still very much enjoying our time together as a family. Yesterday we went to the zoo. The neighbor across the street gave us 2 free entrance tickets to the Brookfield Zoo. And because all of us kiddos are all 2 and under, we couldn't ask for a better, cheaper deal!

One of us will check in with more pictures a wee bit later today! I'm off to take my morning nap!


We saw a few elephants. Or rather we saw the backside of lots of elephants and a couple as you see pictured here. They sure are amazing creatures! We also some camel and to think that people ride them is mind boggling!

And we saw some zebras. Again, they seemed like they were drugged or something. Maybe we got there too early and they were still waking up. But we were in awe of their beautiful stripes and smooth skin. I wish we could have touched one!!!!

We took our main stroller and Daddy strapped me on in the carrier. I did okay but was much happier when they let me stretch out in the stroller while Joshua and Sissy were walking!

This is a picture of Joshua and Saraina on the bench after Mommy tried to take them in to see the monkeys. They both freaked out and wanted to be held. But after a few minutes they DID want to go in and so Daddy took them. It was a bit of a let down. In fact, the whole zoo was a bit under par. They had so few animals that it wasn't as exciting as we thought it'd be. And the animals we were able to see were REALLY lethargic! BUT... it was a treat to see these incredible animals and to know that the God we serve created them helps us see just how worthy of praise is our God!

Finally, here's a picture of Mommy and us (although I'm hidden in the stroller) right before leaving. It was a beautiful spring day!

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