Tuesday, April 24, 2007

God Remembers His People

SOOOOO... while Papa hasn't gotten an offer yet, things are definitely moving! The Lord has not forgotten us!

Daddy heard from three different peeps today that he has not been "forgotten." In addition he got some more encouraging words from different family members which is always meaningful. How kind of God to remind us of His nearness, faithfulness, and sovereignty.

We shall keep you all posted! It's bathtime and Daddy's waiting to suds me up!

Peace and love,

storytime with the Papa

Sissy getting big every day

Me helping Daddy get the mail. We have to walk a couple of blocks to get it and Daddy lets me go with him sometimes.

Kadin cooing on and on. We love his way of talking!!!

Kadin AGAIN continuing his cute cooing.

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Jerusha said...

Dear Friend, How I miss you! I so wish that we could get together like the old times. Of course now we'd have 6 children in tow and that would make for some interesting fellowship. We are praying for you all and eager to see God at work in your lives. Miss you much.