Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Big Brother Joshua

Joshua sportin' his Cubs hat. Err... I mean Sissy's Cubs hat. (Grandad got both of them their own Cub's hat after he kept trying to swipe his!)

Joshua in black and white

Joshua was the first kiddo to get sick so he was REALLY happy to get out for a walk yesterday. In fact, his favorite word is still OUTSIDE. But PIZZA or SHOES probably is close behind.

Big brother Joshua is leading the way for Saraina to being doing "pees on the potty." Mama so dreams of the day when she won't have to change three blow-outs in a row (which is what happened this afternoon).

Joshua loves when we have company. This is a picture from when Grammy visited a few weeks ago. Clearly he was happy to get some special love that only grandparents can give.

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