Friday, April 13, 2007

Another Close of a Week

It's Friday already. Kadin turned THREE MONTHS OLD yesterday and was 13 weeks old this morning at 7:28 AM. What a morning that was! Yes, the same day we found out that we got a bid on our condo! Yes, the Lord has been good to us!

This Friday morning finds our family still amazed that God would send His one and only Son, Jesus, to suffer and die for us! And we sure do not like to suffer do we? As this day gets started we are asking our merciful and all-loving God to grant Daddy a job offer. But even if He chooses not to bring a job offer our way, He is still good. He is still wonderful. He is still worthy of all our praise!

Daddy and Mommy had some new friends over last night. Listening to their story of "suffering" has us calling out to God this morning. The couple over for dinner last night has been trying to conceive for around 2.5 years! And to think that some peeps don't even consider a child in the womb a life is such a true picture of the fallen world in which we live. (Check out this incredible picture at the following website:

Anyway, our parents are more aware of God's kindness to them in granting us kiddos to them. See, He really is worthy of praise!

So, our prayer for you reading this is to beleive in the One, True, and Only God of all, the One who created you and is sustaining you right now... Jesus Christ! May we all recognize His lordship and our unworthiness!

Oh- the 2 pictures below are Mommy's favorite pictures from our time in MD. Are we some cutie pies or what!?!

love, saraina-bug

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