Friday, March 23, 2007

Why Did We Move?

Peeps keep asking the folks, "So, what made you move back to Illinois?" The following pictures remind us of WHY we moved... even though the right job hasn't come along for Papa yet.

Please continue praying for us - that's the greatest kindness you can do for our fam. And we know SO many peeps all over this land are doing just that! Praise God!

So, as we close another week of unemployment we have MUCH to sing praises to God about:

- received another unexpected check in the mail for an "escrow balance refund" from the condo we sold in MD

- received a box of clothes from a friend in MD with goodies for each of us kids

- Mommy found (kinda was misplaced due to the move) an extravagent gift for Kadin from dear friends in NJ (Drefkos, you are all CRAZY!)

- Daddy, Mommy and us kiddos were able to be together for more quality time!

How great our God is!

Okay, so this picture has nothing to do with WHY we moved... except, of course, that Kadin is also happy he's not in the folks closet anymore.

What a HUGE difference it has made having the space to play outside. Our little balcony in MD was nice and all but it was WAY too small for the both me and Saraina to play!

And to have really great parks nearby with things like sandboxes is really cool! And having a garage makes a HUGE difference for Mama since she doesn't have to carry 2 of us at once to get in or out of the stroller or minivan.

Okay, this doesn't have anything to do with WHY we moved but Saraina thought my new hat from Grandad was so cool that she had to try it on. Maybe she'll get a hat like this one day. All I know is she's not getting THIS one!

Again, throwing balls high in the air wasn't allowed in the condo. Mama was kinda paranoid of someone or something getting hurt.

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