Friday, March 09, 2007

Kadin David... Getting Big

Kadin is such a good baby! Seriously, the dude sleeps so much that we really can't complain. He has kicked his crying up a notch but usually he's trying to communicate to the folks that he's wet or poopy or hungry.

Because we (Joshua and Saraina) dominated the previous entry we thought Kadin deserved an entry all to himself.

So, here's 8 week old Kadin David Whitney!
~j & s

Kadin smiling and showing off one of his two dimples

Kadin after a diaper change

Here's our cute brother yawning and sticking out his lips.

This is Mommy holding Kadin just the other day. We like his baseball cap.

And here he is again sharing another adorable smile. Don't you want to just grab him and hug him all over?!?!?!

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