Thursday, March 08, 2007

Change is Here to Stay

A new home. Everyone has been asking how we kiddos are adjusting to our new temporary home. To tell you the truth, life has been so crazy for the last 8 or so weeks that we aren't quite sure what "normal" is! And with the time changing in a couple of days, the folks say we're in for more change!

Since Kadin arrived on the scene it seems change has been happening more regularly. I guess that means in our minds change IS normal. In the words of our former, former pastor, "Change is here to stay!" Can you say AMEN to that?! We sure can!

What's the big deal about change anyway? In our weird-o fam, we are ALL about change. In fact, our folks have told us that change is our only hope and that this place we call home (meaning Earth) really isn't our final destination anyway. So, we kiddos say, "Bring it on!" when it comes to change.

Here are a few other areas we are experiencing change:

-- Kadin is now 8 weeks old. He'll be 2 months on Monday! He's an adorable baby boy. We keep hearing the folks call him "Little Little." PLEASE, someone talk to them about that nickname. No one in their right mind wants to be called "Little Little." But, we guess it is better than the nickname "Brisket" which Daddy laughed about with Mommy.

-- Daddy has been able to spend a TON of time with us kiddos since he's still looking for a job. As a result, we've had every meal together, have worshipped the Lord together as Daddy plays the guitar, gone to the Dept. of Motor Vehicle together (which is always interesting!), and our favorite... gone to the PLAYGROUND!!!!

-- We all got new beds too. Kadin has moved out of Daddy and Mommy's closet and the pack-n-play to his very own crib (Saraina's old one). He loves it! Saraina has moved into Joshua old toddler bed set-up and has been experiencing much discipline as she struggles to obey by stay ON her bed at nap and bed times. Joshua has graduated to his very own big boy bed! Mommy and Daddy were a little more excited than he was. And we are all in the same room together. So far so good!

Well, we're going on and on knowing that peeps only check this site for the pixs sooooooo... here they are. (Oh- and Kadin will be in the next entry!)

Peace and love,
the three kiddos

Here's our bedroom. All three of us are in one room and enjoying the company.

Mommy had Daddy put our dresser in the closet to make more room for our toys.

Here are JCW and SEW enjoying time at the playground with Daddy. In the background you can see what lots of the houses look like in our neighborhood. Daddy and Mommy are sure if this is the neighborhood God would have them purchase a home in one day. But we sure are going to enjoy it for as long as we're here.

This is a picture of Mommy, Joshua and Saraina on the bed at the Residence Inn.

And here's Joshua and Saraina with Daddy.

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