Thursday, February 15, 2007

Preparing to Move

We thought y'all would like to see how the packing is going.

We kiddos have actually enjoyed it quite a bit! Boxes are great fun... especially with a distracted Mama around! Friends from our new-soon-to-be-old church have come over to play with us while Mama does whatever Mama's do when they are moving. (We really don't know that is.) Our friends are Joy and Victoria Nichols. They are so much fun! In fact, they bought us a Valentine's Day treat today. Guess what we were able to try for the FIRST time? CHOCOLATE!!!!!!

Actually, Saraina didn't even get a taste as she decided to let it melt in her hand. I ate mine without a problem. When they left I kept whing and asking Mommy in English and sign langauge for "more, more." She simply said, "no, no." I'll ask Daddy when he gets home tonight!!!

Here are some pixs...

Mrs. Nichols, her daughter Victoria, and us

Boxes everywhere! Notice the black numbers. Mommy has some boxes designated BLACK and some RED. And she has quite the Excel spreadsheet to match her "system."

The RED boxes

Kadin really does sleep in our parents' closet! See, we really do need to move!

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Jenny said...

Thanks for keeping us updated--even in the business of getting ready to move!